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Anybody on 200mg/Week?


I know that the general Rx around here is 100mg/wk of Cypionate, but I was just wondering if anybody is doing TRT @ 200mg a week, why, and what their bloodwork looks like? This is simply curiosity.


I've been taking 200mg. of Test Prop a week for about 3-4 weeks now and Im feeling much better. I haven't had BW done since I started so I cant report on that yet.


I have been higher and I had been at 100 or even 50 for a few months. I recently kicked it up a notch to put some weight on. Unfortunately I see about 50 hairs in the sink if I wash my hair there after plugging the drain. I just switched to liquid anastrozole and am wondering if it is as good as the pill form. Need some labs in a month to know.


I have been on 200mg ew for the last 80 days, but I stopped the shots last week. My strength was great and i mproving, but I think I started to shut down--meaning my testes started to shrink little, and I was worried about fertility. My wife and I are trying to have a child and we just turned 40. My initial labs were 362 (range of 280-800)-total t levels and my free (direct) test was like 9.(7.8-21)range. I took a total of 8 shots--1 at beginning of December, and returned in January after not feeling any changes whatsoever, so he then changed me to 200mg every week and I took 7 shots in a row until beginning of March, and zI stopped 13 days ago.

I went to endo, and he confirmed that I was starting to shut down, and that if I was concerned with fertility that I definitely should not of been taking and should stop immediately. I asked about HCG/clomid etc. and was blown off. Both my family doc and the endo seemed to have no clue about what to take if you stop the injections. So now im trying to decide if I should take the HCG i ordered and some folks are saying yes to take it, and many are telling me no, since I have already stopped the shots. Are u gonna take any HCG while on the injections?? Any feedback would be great!!!


If your trying to restart your HPTA and fertility clomid would be your drug.