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Anybody Make Their Own Capsules?

Recently been considering encapsulating my own orals from raw powder.

Does anybody else do this? Is it difficult? I would love to make my own 50mg anavar caps.

Only posting this because it is cool in a Mr. Roger’s educational video sort of way (cool video by the way). Note @iron_yuppie had this sort of right unless you really want to put in the elbow grease, get the dilution amounts correct (math), and have the cool toys:

With proper technique and mortar/pestle (@Beyond_Beyond) you can get pretty much there (see the attention to detail here):

This guy getting a little sloppy but at least you see how the compounders do it (he skips the particle size reduction part for this API):

Any finally the Inversina mixer:

Some fun history there. Anyway, hope you get the idea and please don’t try this at home :slight_smile:

Here’s the breakdown if you don’t use a capsule machine:

Even gives you the math (ignores trituration which will impact bulk density of the API+excipient so important detail if you want to pass the final exam). More details here.

@studhammer Are these capsules big enough for you?

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Thanks for squashing my dreams!! LOL

Actually, that is probably a horse or cow bolus. So no. :slight_smile:

So is Tren. Since when did that stop people :slight_smile:

Would sublingual administration of 50mg be appropriate for you?
Using a good scale this could be an option, or just load the capsules with 50mg exactly and then add some filler? Pain in the ass but at least you know exactly what you are getting.

Actually now that you mention it, I have a friend doing anavar orally mixed with Fireball! LOL I could definitely do that

Finaplix was an injection pellet placed in a cows ear skin. A bolus is a huge ass capsule meant for ingestion.

Definition of bolus

1 : a rounded mass: such as

a : a large pill

b : a soft mass of chewed food

2 medical

a : a dose of a substance (such as a drug) given intravenously

b : a large dose of a substance given by injection for the purpose of rapidly achieving the needed therapeutic concentration in the bloodstream

Just trying to add some levity. All of this for education purposes.