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Anybody make their own beef jerky ?

I know all the members on the forums are fairly clean-eating to attain their physique goals, but do any of you folks make your own beef jerky ? At my second job I work in a supermarket so when lean meat goes on sale I stock up and make pounds of jerky… Chewing my way to my protien requirements.

Lean protein source while at work trying to avoid office ass…

Any bitchin tasty recipes ? Let T-forum know. I’m getting tired of the teriyaki stuff…

Here ya go bro: this came from an old post:
www.melborponsti.com/ jerky/jerky060.shtml

How’s about chicken jerky? I actually made it a couple years ago, although I can’t remember the recipe. I’m sure it’s probably the same as regular jerky. Tastes ok, but beef jerky is still better.