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Anybody Know a 6 Day Program

So I cant stand not training 6 days a week and I havent really had a lifting program yet that is 6 days a week anybody know one that has

Also I’m not advanced by any means more intermediate for my age
Deadlift 350

You are 14, your lifts are decent but nowhere near intermediate and you do not need to nor should you train 6 days a week. In your situation, less is more. I’d train 4 days a week MAX if I were you. If you want to train all the lifts thrice a week, do a full body program with variations of each of the big three.


There’s a reason for that.

At your age you would probably do well with four days a week. Also, for the love of all that’s holy don’t design your own program. Pick a good ready made one. Virtually anything on this site would be fine.

  1. You’re 14 and going to do what you want to do. This is fine.

  2. I disagree with the sentiments of the above two posts, although I know where they are coming from.

  3. You (and everyone) should train the way you want to train unless you are in a national program and/or your livelihood depends on receptivity to coaching. If you want to train six days/week, do it. The way I’d set it up is:

m. Squat heavy (3-5x3-5)
t. Bench heavy (5-7x3-5)
w. Dead heavy (3-5x2-3)
r. assistance (lat, shoulder, arm work for higher reps)
f. Squat light (2-4x6-8)
s. Bench light (4-6x6-8)
s. easy recovery work (cardio, mobility)

You will get cock strong training this way. Just do the main lifts as a double progression, add volume as tolerated and give it time.

  1. Or put your own plan together. Fluctuate your parameters through the week.

Why not spend the extra time conditioning? Most folks are lacking in that quality.


There is a reason you haven’t found a 6 day per week powerlifting program. Most beginner powerlifting programs are 4 days per week. If you are training hard enough you will need those 3 days off to rest and recover. If your goal is to get bigger and stronger and one day compete, follow an established strength program.

Seconding what everyone else said. you would fare better with a 3 or 4 day a week routine, but you are probably going to do what you’re going to do. you may find it works, you may find you will burn out, in which case go ahead and try out the advice people are giving you. but, since you are looking for a 6 day a week pl program, search up daily undulating periodization.

I see where your are all coming from but I like to like 6x times a week and I dont go heavy every day I usually have 85-90% for bench on the first day then close to 65-70% on the second doing 4x8 and is usally same for everything besides deadlifts as I recover very well

Basically you like training so much you don’t like to take days off. Thats fine. But if you are serious about powerlifting, just know that it is not optimal for getting stronger.


Have a look at Juggercube.

Please note, only phase 1 is 6 days, the intensity is lowish (max 85%) and the result was moving a 900lbs squat (raw w/wraps) to 937lbs.

There are probably some lessons in those notes.

Powerliftingtowin is also 6 days in the later stages but you only do the powerlifts 1 day per week. Again, probably something in that…

You have 2 options

1.Train 6 days per week cause…

2.Train 3-4 days per week,get the same results and spend the time you’d lifting for no reason developing your gpp or reading about training

I think the second’s gonna serve you way better on the long run


If I 6 days a week couldn’t the next few days be speed work , or hypertrophy as I heard your strength flat lines if theres no hypertrophy and I have plenty time to research things and workout

Also let me ask you,when are you most likely to miss a workout?

When you train 6 days per week or 3-4?
When is it easier to make up for the missed workout by putting it on another day?
When are you most likely to be unmotivated to lift?When you lift everyday or when you feel you’re workouts are too far apart from one another?

No matter how you slice it,lifting less often is the way to go imo

  1. I haven’t missed a workout in months unless I had to and I used to but started taking lifting serious around 4 months ago.
  2. Just work the missed day in and works out fine.
  3. I feel unmotivated when I dont lift for a few days and feel good lifting everyday

I’ve tried to lift 4 times a week drives me insane

Not gonna insist then

Look up Jamie Lewis’ Destroy the opposition

Or then DUP

Although the first one is more set in stone

Alright I just found a pdf on the first gonna see what it is and etc thanks for telling me about it

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I think you may have missed my post.

oh I thought you meant sprinting and etc and I’v been doing 4x8 for a few weeks now just not sure how to make progress on it as I can bench 160 for 8 but then burnt out due to only 2 and a half minute rest so I have to do 135 usally

Thought you had no issues with recovery?

I dont I rest 5 mins but due to resting 2.3 mins for hypertrophy I burn out and brb in 2 hours