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Anybody Into Tricking (Sport)?

anybody involved in this sport fell free to talk about your training, acquired skills, beneficial sports…or anything involving tricking. videos and pictures are more than welcome!

Here’s the best tricking vid I’ve seen.


[quote]dollarbill44 wrote:
Here’s the best tricking vid I’ve seen.


That’s probably the best video I’ve ever seen.

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Was that long-haired guy supposed to be using Capoeira or was he just doing that for show?

[quote]dollarbill44 wrote:
Here’s the best tricking vid I’ve seen.


That was epic!

It turns out that clip is actually from the movie “Never Back Down.” I guess it did seem too good to be true.

[quote]timbofirstblood wrote:
It turns out that clip is actually from the movie “Never Back Down.” I guess it did seem too good to be true.[/quote]

Shit, you’re right. I just watched that movie a few weeks ago too. That’s a different angle than what was in the movie though.

Go to about :58 seconds into the clip.

yup. movie. capoeira. not tricking. hmmm…

[quote]berislav wrote:
yup. movie. capoeira. not tricking. hmmm…[/quote]

If you like tricking, stop lifting weights…by lifting, which this site focuses, you will get unflexible and the mass you build will only hinder your tricking dreams.

Tricking is parkour?

I actually got involved in gymnastics 2 years ago because of my interest in tricking.

Actually a couple of weeks ago this Asian guy with some pretty sick maneuvers (relative to my own at least) pulled me into the dance circle and wanted to help me out, so he did a b-twist, then I did a b-twist (not as high though) then he did a backflip.

And I was like… hold on… I’ve never done one on hardwood… on a tumbling floor yeah… so I was a bit apprehensive, but I gave it a shot, and landed. I was pretty stoked after that. Haven’t gone for a second attempt though.

I’m mostly taking things easy right now while I heal my shoulder.

If you’ve been to jujimufu’s site and or have seen the team ryouko or loopkicks videos then I don’t have much to show you. But I’ll put some of their stuff up anyway for others in the thread.

I believe but am not certain that the bodybuilder guy in the video was also in a video showing the training of the cast of 300, meaning he might be in some of the scenes of that movie.


for Rockscar,

Ronnie Coleman can do the splits (2005 Mr. Olympia), it has been shown that weightlifters vs. sedentary people are more flexible, and olympic weightlifters can jump hella high (even some of the heavyweights).

Weightlifting and tricking are not mutually exclusive.

[quote]Gumpshmee wrote:

Weightlifting and tricking are not mutually exclusive.[/quote]

Actually, I’d go as far as saying weightlifting is a great complement for tricking, though maybe not the other way around.

You might want to check out this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koUsW6e_Wso

and this:

The first is a training video, the second shows the same guy, Antoine Vaillant, tricking.

Here is a slideshow with some more recent pictures, he acutally one the canadian U21 nationals recently:


He doesn’t trick as much anymore because he is concentrating more on bodybuilding, but he would probably still do pretty well. Just something to consider.

Anthony Atkins, one of the best in the biz:

Another cool tricking video:


And one of my absolute favorites, Steve Terada:


[quote]AngryVader wrote:
dollarbill44 wrote:
Here’s the best tricking vid I’ve seen.


That was epic![/quote]

greatest video ever

I guess anything can be considered a sport nowadays.

[quote]Rockscar wrote:
and the mass you build will only hinder your tricking dreams.[/quote]


There are a lot of people who give tricking a bad name when it comes to mass, many are for lack of a better word half-pints. BUT you only need to have 2 brain cells to make the connection that tricking and being a skinny fuck are only connected by the fact that you cant trick if you are a lard ass but you can if you are thin just like most sports. Some great examples have already been shown but just for the sake of making a point there is:

Lateef Crowder: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDBnkf-hSjk

Jon Call: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmIgXOlMS44

Antoine Vaillant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0pGfssn6sI&feature=related

Scott Adkins: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz2mERtAndM&feature=related

I cant be bothered spending any more time on this.


that is all.

p.s. I totally agree that anyone who uses tricking in a fight is retarded, but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmE5BY0l10M.

You turn tricks for sport?