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Anybody in Ohio ?

Hey guys, im sitting here chuggin down a shake, getting ready to go play in a softball tourney that starts at midnight and goes till 6 a.m sunday, and i get to lookin at the member map, and i see that it doesnt look like we have many t-men in Ohio, tell me this isn’t true. Im in the Findlay-Toledo area myself, lets see where everybody else is.

Youngstown here. “Bombtown”, “Murdertown”, or Yompton works as well.

Columbus area…

can’t help you with Ohio, but I just checked the map and I’m apparently the ONLY T-man in Rhode Island. I konw it’s small, but c’mon, there’s gotta be someone else out there!

Youngstown- T-vixen

I am from Findlay Toledo area as well

what gym are you working out at, and i saw in one your earlier posts that you asked some questions about strongman training, you still into that ?

Columbus area.

How did did thread get this far without anyone saying ‘Go Bucks!’ ?

Cleveland area.

And Dr. Ryan, I know a whole slew of people in Columbus that at noon on Fridays before a Buckeye game, stand and face the direction of the stadium and sing the fight song.

I can gauge how much cooperation I’ll get out of our Columbus office on Monday by whether the Bucks won or lost the previous weekend.

[quote]gojira wrote:
Cleveland area.

Not that it’s of any relevance, but I’m originally from Parma Hts. (yep, Flamingo City).

[quote]Digital Chainsaw wrote:
gojira wrote:
Cleveland area.

Not that it’s of any relevance, but I’m originally from Parma Hts. (yep, Flamingo City).[/quote]

So is my husband.

I’m in cincinnati( who-dey), is anyone else from or in cincinnat

Considering that Ohio is home to Westside Barbell, I’d like to think what the state lacks in T-man quantity it makes up in quality :wink:

I grew up in Columbus and live in Cincinnati now.

I’m in the Dayton area. I’m also an OSU alumnus - GO BUCKS!

Dayton area now, originally from Youngstown.

Living in a suburb east of Cleveland, with a LOT of rich assholes all around me. What can I say? The Mrs. inherited a fucking mansion.

I sometimes miss my old proletarian days. Most rich guys suck donkey balls.

Columbus here

Hudson / Columbus, OH.

im from the dover-canton area but im currently in Alliance for college

Cleveland, Eastside, right in the Little Italy area