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Anybody in Here Listens to French Music?


I'm kinda love/hate with french music, but somehow always return to listening to this stuff (totally functional no homo statement equivalent: I also listen to Machine Head, NIN and stuff.)

So here goes:

Noir Désir - L'Homme Pressé


Right on.

The only French musician I ever really got into was Sinclair. Cuz he fonky:


The only good French things are the kiss, the menage-x, democracy, and David Belle.

Yes, I'm being judgemental. No, I haven't listened to the music. I will edit this post if I'm impressed.


I've not looked into it much and I think french is the faggiest romance language, having deviated very sharply from its latin roots. But as a student of many romance languages, I could advocate a soft landing from T-manly'ish italian, spanish and portuguese ending up with the french, making it more approvable.


This is a trick!

Don't answer it! Fatty is trying to lure you in! DO NOT ANSWER!!!!!!


I like Air and Phoenix and that's about it.


does daft punk count?


So says the homo in the French Beret.


HEY! That's Tom Platz in the beret!

I think.


I listen to spoken language French (American movies dubbed over in French) because I'm trying to re-learn how to speak it for career reasons. But I don't listen to music in French.



No freedom music for me.


I like a bit of Noir Desir

And Tryo

There' some good rap, and they have some really good spoof songs.


Funky, thanks for sharing.
Pray, tell me: does that make me gay?

Who loves ya, baby?
Hate to break your bubble, bub, but democracy is a scam.

While I appreciate the advent of a fellow lingual limbo dancer, I'd like to know why you label french as having sharply deviated from its latin roots. Sure, in comparison to italian (latin 2.0), spanish and portuguese, there's a relatively stronger deviation with french, but it's still a romance language.
Btw: only a romance language connaisseur?
There's so much more to know, dude...

Nobody's gonna listen to your pamphlets, man.
Nada is dead.
I've watched him die on that rooftop. As did millions others.

@Diddy Ryder
Good stuff!


Some good French stuff.


OMG, you guys are beyond gay! If you're going to listen to Fraunch music, at least listen to the good shit.

Doesn't this just make you want to shimmy out of your panties?

Ps. the cat from Noir Desire killed his wife. ew.

PPs. I actually love Manu Chao - even saw him in concert. good times.


crazy frogs


lol, NO mention of Gojira? The only good band from that disgrace of a country:




Is this thread a gay spoof?


Only French song I know and like is Je Veux te Voir, by Yelle. Skip to 18 seconds.