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Anybody In Charleston/Summerville, SC?


Has anyone found a good gym to work out in the Charleston or Summerville, SC area?


Currently relying on the College of Charleston gym myself. Nothing fancy, but between power racks, benches, and dumbells up to 100 lbs., it serves the purpose. I understand that there is a Gold's Gym out on Folly Road (James Island). There is an Echo Fitness downtown as well, however I went in once and reccall it being absent of a power rack, with just a Smith Machine to do squats on. Lots of money spent on pretty cardio machines with LCD monitors but no power rack.


Well that just sucks about Echo Fitness. Do you go to the College of Charleston? They don't let just anybody in there I'm sure...




I live in Mt. Pleasant May through October. Most of the gyms in the area are average at best. Mt. Pleasant Aerobics and Fitness is probably the best I've found. I haven't checked out the Gold's on James Island(Folly Rd.).


There is a group of powerlifters that lifts down there if you're interested. If you are, I would just go to the April 15th APF meet down there and you can meet up with them there. There are many bodybuilders from that area, so I would check out SC Bodybuilding to get in touch with them. If you do, invite them over here.


Yeah, I'm a student down here. From what I've found, most of the gyms downtown are aerobics/pilates/light weight training oriented. Got to accomodate for all those "metrosexuals" down here.