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Anybody Here Listen to this Kind of Music?


I'm kinda taken with it.


Reminds me of Borat.

Lovin' it.


This stuff is actually pretty catchy.


It sounds interesting and to be quite honest,I kinda like it. Very upbeat and catchy. To bad I wouldnt be able to play it at any parties around here but its still fun.


I do listen to a fair bit of world music actually... nothing quite like this, but I'm still able to pull some highlights from my bookmarks.

This one is a little bit different...


Another one to add.


Question: Anybody listen to this kind of music?
Answer: Yeah.... terrorists


Great shizz all around, guys, thanks for sharing.

Mahalageasca is actually featured in the Borat movie: during the jig Borat puts up after he's informed that his wife was mistaken for a bear and shot.
5 stages of grief? Not for good old Borat (I like eh you. I like eh sex. Is eh naaaaaaaaais!)

I happen to know the first vid you've posted: I used to have it in my training playlist in '08. The singer's Farsi is rudimental at best, though. I guess she doesn't speak the language at all.

Got me through many a 10 k run: