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Anybody Have This Sled?



And whatcha all think of it if you do?

I live in Ireland so an Elite one is out before anyone says it. But I can get TDS stuff here, hence the above.

Thanks all.


I've got that one. It's worked great and very reliable. The long steel cables with D rings are very nice. They are long though and I only use one with a D ring attached at each end and then looped around a dip belt attached to my waist. The distance between myself and the sled is then 5 feet instead of 10. It's all a matter of what you want.

This is a strong sled and I've had over 300lbs. on it and it held up good. I use mine in a park with grass. The only thing you will have to assemble is bolting the plate load pole to the sled...very easy.


Awesome, thanks man.

I never thought I'd say it but I'm kind of getting interested in conditioning.

I might even pick myself up a set of farmers handles to play with too....


If you know a good welder close by, you can show them a picture and they can probably make one a lot cheaper and easier. I am fortunate enough to have a good welder that makes tons of stuff for me, they can be very good people to know.


Yeah I'd considered that actually. I know my dad's friendly with a good few. Might get him to get onto one of the better ones. cheers!