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Anybody Have Famous Relatives?


does anybody on this site have any famous family members whether they be professional athletes or actors etc etc.? Just figured it would be cool to see whos out there in the T-Nation world.


No. I'm the most famous in the family... which really isn't saying much.



I opened up a flex mag in the supermarket and showed my girlfriend your pics, all the while bragging that I sometimes converse with you on the internet.

She thinks I'm a dork, I still think I'm cool. :wink:


I've done that very same thing. People think I'm weird.

And btw, Gene Autry married my Grandma's older sister.


is iron dwarf really in flex mag?

holy FUCK that's cool. this month's issue?


Nope, none.

I do with work some famous people though.


My next door neighbor is a top foward in the NHL.That's all I got.

That avatar is twisted cory in a good way.

BTW lanky have you seen the dude on the internet with tourettes that say's Bob Saget instead of saying fuck? Funny as hell.The syndrome isn't but he sure is.


He's got drawings in it in just about every issue I've flipped through.

Haven't seen it.


And for the record, I don't even like Bob Saget.


My dad flew planes at Princeton (back when he had his small-craft pilot's license) with former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.

My dad'd ex-girlfriend is (was? dunno since recession) the CFO of Merril Lynch global.

My Grandmother's first husband (technically of no relation to me since my Mom was a product of her 2nd marriage) was the doctor that did the first scientific studies on stress and actually coined the term.

My Grandmother was a contemporary of Jonas Salk (inventor of the polio vaccine) and dined with him often.

I'm not RELATED to any of these famous people, but I'm damn close...


My college roommate is related to Gene Autry. So, that makes us.....nothing.


My uncle used to write for Beverly Hills 90210. He wrote a Lifetime movie and still writes for various awards shows. He's been on TV to promote his foundation for orphaned kids in Tanzania, which has since evolved into a global organization ( http://www.gocampaign.org/index.php ). You also might see him on one of those late-night P90X commercials. So he's not famous, but close enough for me.

My aunt almost married Sam Waksal, founder of ImClone (I'm sure you guys remember the scandal).

Another uncle is at the top of his field (neonatal psychology) and has been featured in various media.


Coulda sworn he worked for Robert Kennedy and had his illustrations in MuscleMag...not FLEX.


You could be right.


I am related to Abraham Lincoln he is My Great Uncle like x8 or something Balling I'ma score 4 fosho


Yes, I am. I'm not going to mention his name, because I share it, its pretty distinct and I like to maintain a state of (perceived) anonymity on the internet. Also, I'm not really a fan of name dropping. The fact that I'm related to him in no way accounts for any of his talent or implies that I have done anything special other than being born into the same family as he.

I'm a bit jaundiced to the whole situation, as I was often completely alienated by people much older than me when I was a kid, simply due to the fact that I was related to him. My relative is a famous musician who's main fan base is mostly people over 40. Being raised in a pretty small town, adults would either know that I was related, or ask me (because of my last name). Here was a pretty typical scenario:

Drunken slob: Your friend's dad tells me that your is . That true?! (belch)

Me: Umm, yes. (I was a very shy kid and these types would literally scare the crap out of me)

Slob: HOLY SHIT!! (burp) Oh, sorry to say "shit", you're like 7 aren't you? (takes sip). But SERIOUSLY, that ROCKS!! You know I saw your play at back in <70's year>. That was back when was opening for .

Me: Oh....ok. (take apprehensive lick of "Fun Dip" and look around for parental intervention)

Slob: You know (wobble, belch)....your was the reason I first started . Did you (takes sip)...did you....know that?!

Me: No

Slob: Tell me...tell me that you play !! You'd better! (sweat drips from pendulous gut onto my shoes)

Me: Well, no...I can't play any instruments (looking frantically around for ANY support here...friend, sober adult, bird on bird feeder...nothing)

Slob: WHAT?! (slobber flies into my face) WHAT...wait here a sec.....HEY STU! (yells to friend) HEY STU...this kid's is and he's tellin' me he doesn't even play !! Get over here and talk to him!!

Take situations like the above, liberally scatter them throughout my childhood, and some might see why I choose to downplay my relationship to this relative.


Yes! Fun Dip rocked!


Alcoholics hit the bottle for emotional support...in situations like I described "Fun Dip" was my support


You ARE a dork, Lanky. I'm never in Flex.
MuscleMag is where I'm at monthly.



My grandpa was one of the most famous restraunteers of the day. He owned a bar/ restraunt in NYC called Toots Shor's There are a couple books and one documentary made on him. Its pretty cool but it was so long ago only the old people know of him, but theres times ill go into a restraunt and get seated immediately when i give my name. I feel like im bragging but im really not, just adding to the post haha.