Anybody Have Any Experience Selling Gold and/or Silver?

My aging father decided to get rid of some of his assets before he dies and he gave me some gold bullion in 1 oz bars and some silver bullion in 5 oz discs. Its not a lot but I have no idea whether to sell it or keep it. Also don’t really know how or where to sell it if I decide to go that way.

Anybody have experience in this?

The price of precious metals are dropping due to the strong dollar, but it’s still pretty high. So now would be a good time to unload them. I just read about this on cnn\money. Gold is dropping, but it’s still like $1200 an oz.
No I don’t have experience, I just happened to read about it yesterday.

Thanks. I’ve been reading up on it too. I was trying to get a feel for what a buyer might pay relative to the current rate.

I’d look for a legit broker in precious medals who will pay market value for your medals. You don’t want to deal with some schnook acting like a broker giving you $.40 cents on the dollar and calling it a good deal

I would be interested in the silver