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anybody have an rm calculator?

I’m starting the HST program, and I just went and figured out my 15 rm’s. I was planning to use two more days this week to figure out my 10 and 5 rm’s, but shouldn’t I just be able to calculate them based on my 15 rm’s? Doing the 15, 10 and 5’s all in one week and then taking a whole week off to decondition before the program seems sort of ass-backward to me. Can anybody help me out with this?


Alright, Nickolai, you’ve captured me. I’LL be your RM calculator. Fitone so kindly mentioned that the “Essentials…” Book contained all you needed to make the RM estimations. I am in possession of this, so I can help ya out, bro. It’s an entire continuum, so if you know any RM for a certain exercise, I can give you 1RM thru 15RM estimations. Also, there are percentage of 1RM estimations, if you’d rather go that route.

Ok, cool, thanks. I’ll give you all my 15 rm’s. Does the calculation differ at all for different exercises? I’ve found a couple of calculators on the web elsewhere, but they all give slightly different results. Ok, here they are, but no fair laughing at my puny weights :slight_smile:

Dumbell press 100
Bicep curls 40
Dips 110 (on a gravitron)
dumbell shoulder press 60
Shrugs 160
Pull-downs 80
Barbell rows 65

I’m not doing legs right now, I’ve got some minor muscle injuries I’m rehabbing, in case you’re wondering…


Nickolai…I’ll get back to you ASAP with those numbers, bro. Don’t have the book in front of me now, but I will tonite. Don’t worry about the weights, they’ll go up. And relative progress is what matters most.

I highly recommend testing a 1RM, then trying to find you other RM’s. This is more winds up being more accurate.