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Anybody Get Cut and Find Major Aesthetic Imbalances?

Try one or two sets of these pushups like this as part of warmup…


Yep. Left side could do 12 reps for an example and the right could do 8. I think it’s rotator cuff and stability issues that holding my bigger muscles back but it’s been hard to actually address those.

I’ve still not got 100% mobility on the right either which doesn’t help.

That’s your problem, IMO. If your stabilizing muscles cannot sufficiently stabilize the joint, the prime movers won’t fire at maximum effort. This can only be remedied when you can stabilize the joint.


What would you do to fix that? Specifically for shoulders

I am no orthopedic doctor, but I’d suggest seeing one. If you’re lucky there might be some PT that would improve the situation. But it might require surgery, unless it is beyond repair (like my left shoulder. It would need to be replaced and that would vastly limit weight training.)

I used to have this problem until I took a long time off from heavy pressing of all sorts and started doing a lot of different kinds of exercises for both scapular and rotator cuff and internal rotator function. My right shoulder and pec used to be smaller than the left side and I’m right handed.

For me there wasn’t any real one exercise that was the cure for my shoulders, but rotating in lots of different kinds of shoulder health exercises. Band pull aparts and face pulls alone weren’t enough. I needed more variety and needed to train more functions.


Good tip! May do feet elevated like this for a while

I also think doing more upper back has helped.
Pull shoulders back, make chest a tad less slouchy

Yeah I guess I spent years not realising what’s the problem until I finally got to a physio and started some rotator stuff.

While it’s way better than it was the size still lacks. Definitely going to do a couple of months of front raises on just that side and see if anything looks better.

Back when I was very small, I was fascinated with how tiny of a waist I had. Smallest I ever measured was 22 inches. It makes sense considering I’m only 5 feet.

I wouldn’t say that’s an aesthetic imbalance at all really. It’s quite envious amongst social media crowds to have a tiny waist and big…well everything else.

But I’ve noticed that my waistline has always been an issue concerning heavy squatting. Like yay, smaller waistline, but not so much yay that my midsection is lacking in muscularity to the point where I could easily add some more poundages and move more efficiently in my favorite movement.

Mid year I’m hoping to notice more muscle in that area as I trim down.

How much training do you invest in hypertrophy of the trunk?

Usually around 3-4 times a week. Sometimes it just ab training, other times I throw in bracing techniques, leg raises. Occasionally they’ll be weighted.