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Anybody Get Cut and Find Major Aesthetic Imbalances?

I fear this due to injuries and med issues…

Have you ever had to out train a large, visually obvious, imbalance?

How long before things started to appear more aesthetically balanced?

I definitely didn’t need to “cut” to find my imbalances.
I would suppose most every competitor is working hard to improve lagging body parts and areas.

I have found the best way to improve imbalances is to add more muscle, even if it’s everywhere.

Add more mass, always the right answer!!

My glutes vanished. Added 30 GHRs a day to help.

I’m disappointed your go-to exercise wasn’t kneeling goodmornings while suggestively staring in the mirror.

Make that booty pop and everyone else uncomfortable.


My arms, especially biceps are pretty flat and small compared with the rest of me (I’ve neglected really training my arms directly for years, so it’s not surprising really)…it’s definitely fixable though, now that I’m curling frequently with fairly heavy weights.

There is the other side of that story. I had been trying to make progress in bodybuilding contests since 1970. I was competing two or three times a year. I was making progress, but rather slowly. Being from Jacksonville, FL, I competed mainly in Florida and Georgia. There weren’t any classes in those days. Everyone competed against everyone. Around 1975 or '76, I had an opportunity to talk with one of the judges who had judged me in many contests around Florida. His name was Dick Fudge.

He said to me that I had a very nice symmetrical physique, but I lacked anything to draw the eye of the judges. He said I needed something that stood out. I finally started to develop some notable aspects in my physique by 1977. That conversation never left my memory.

I’m pretty sure a guy named Dick Fudge could say pretty much anything to me and I’d remember it for the rest of my life.


Glad I’m not the only one who got a chuckle out of that.

You know dude was jacked as hell to have lived through grade school with a name like that

Dick owned a gym in Tampa and trained a fairly large number of successful bodybuilders from Florida. Dick got Jim Haislop started lifting weights. Haislop went on to win the Mr. Florida and a few years later the AAU Mr. America.

But I get the humor of his name. I just never took it that way.

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I don’t think anybody thought twice about Dick as a name in the ‘70s, no worries. Just embracing my inner teenager.

I’ve struggled with a smaller right side deltoid and tricep due to multi shoulder injuries form playing rugby.

After spending years working with DBs (which are supposed to clear muscle imbalances) I went to see a physio and started doing rotator cuff exercises and now finally I’m slowly seeing my tight tricep start to upriver but my right deltoid is still way smaller and I’ve no idea how to fix this.

Did you try either a couple extra reps per set on the injured side or maybe even an axtra set or two?

The dumbells themselves won’t do anything really, but you can do stuff like that and other unilateral exercises that do help rectify imbalances.

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Not for a sustained period (which is probably why I’ve never fixed it).

I think from Monday I’ll add front raises for my smaller side to my workout at the end twice a week. I’ll do this for the next 2 months and report back.

Thanks for reminded me. I’d kind of given up on it to be honest.

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I was a chronic over bencher in college
Like benched 4 times a week and barely hit any other body part
And ate like a fiend. Was all outer pec and gut
When I finally started taking nutrition seriously and lost weight
I realized my lower outer pecs dwarfed everything
I have been fighting to correct for years and probably never will
My back has caught up but my arms look small In shirts because my outer pecs are still so pronounced.

Do you still flat bench?

No I don’t. I do incline only. My outer lower chest has softened though as a result and I sometimes wonder if I should do some to tighten it back up. If any one has tips on how to tighten that area without adding mass I am open to suggestions

Is your shoulder so injured that fail (on the right side) because of that weakness when doing presses?

Cut more fat. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only real answer; at least for me
I think I get some growth in that area out of dips

I am starting my summer cut. I have never really tried to get under 12-15% body fat. I am hoping sticking to this will shrink the moobs some. We all know how it goes though, when you lose weight it highlights some imbalances.

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