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Anybody from the Detroit Area??

Just wondering if anybody is from the Detroit area or how about Michigan?

Not Far from Detroit, Cleveland :slight_smile:


I’m across the river. I live in Windsor.
BTW, do you know of any good stores where I can pick up some Mag-10 at to smuggle across the border? =)

We’re here, Warren actually.

As far as places to buy Biotest: Edge Nutrition & Genysis in Madison Heights, any of the Vitamin Outlets, etc.

yup, north from you in saginaw.

Yeah, I am in Dearborn MI

Yep, Flint here

Yep. From St. Clair Shores, workout at Powerhouse Centerline.

From Flint here.

Thanks Rouge.

Downriver (Trenton). You can buy Biotest products at Vitamin Outlet on Eureka Rd. Take 75 to Eureka, left on Eureka, about 3 miles on right.

Hey Tenman, How’s that Powerhouse? Isn’t it the original?

I’m from Novi.

Im in the dearborn area too…
Hey canuck…Do not, and i repeat, DO NOT, try to smuggle any type of illegal prescription across the border. Since 9/11, the customs people have finally pulled there heads out of there asses and you got a decent chance of being cought. Its a pretty heavy fine and jail time, not to mention an unpleasant search. Jail in canada sucks too trust me, spent a day/night in downtown windsor jail.

To RougeRat, The original is in Highland Park (ugh!). Centerline is the second Powerhouse to be founded. What I can say is that it is truely hardcore and has that gritty, urban feel. Great place to workout…many Champions have come out of that gym.

You’re in the Rouge? I use to work at BASF in Wyandotte from '86 - '93, then went across the street to Diversey. Yep, I always liked the Downriver area. Later, TenMan

Been to that highland park gym,
and highland park has got to be, hands down, the shittiest suburb of detroit. Without a doubt, a dump. Worse than Inkster, and thats saying alot. but the powerhouse there is awesome, just remember to lock your car doors.

Farmington Hills, about 15 minutes outside Detroit. By the way, Viking Gym off 8 mile seems to be a T-Man type of workout atmosphere. Lots of iron and no pink dumbbells!

I live in Bedford, but work in Plymouth.