Anybody from Louisville KY?

Iâ??m getting ready to start my next semester of college and thinking about transferring to a school in Louisville. Any good powerlifting gyms in the area? I refuse to go back to training at commercial gyms. I know thereâ??s a powerhouse in Louisville but I personally donâ??t want to go there, I need a good powerlifting environment. So if you or anybody you know is in that area let me know whatever you know. I checked powerlifting watch and it turned up two gyms. One seems to be closed now and the other is a crossfit only gym or some bull ****? Thanks!

IDK man, but Ohio is right next door. Depending on where you live, you may find a PL gyn there. Hell Elite fts is in Sharonville just NE of Cincinatti and of course West-Side is in OH. Maybe that might open up some options for ya.

There aren’t really any ‘hardcore’ PL gyms that I know in Louisville, though PowerHouse in Middletown was a good environment when I lifted there, and the LAC over the bridge in Clarksville was great if you went in the evenings, lots of big guys, mostly BB’ing, but also had Prowlers and stuff like that.

I know Brandon Lilly’s gym is up near Lexington, as well, if you didn’t mind the drive.

Brandons gym is where I’m currently training once a week. It’s a 30 minute drive for me. But driving from Louisville it would be about 2 hours.

Any of LAC’s locations have any equipment you would need for powerlifting. My buddy has probably the best powerlifting gym in the area outside of crossfit, but it’s a private personal training studio and they don’t take memberships, unfortunately.