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Anybody Ever Use Insulin off Cycle?

Was wondering if anybody has used insulin off cycle and if so,what way they did, pre or post workout, what kind, and if they used it with anything like peptides or gh, and what kind of results did you guys have

I have a consultation booked at the enf of next month with a Mr Jordan Peters (Facebook: Trained by JP).

The discussion is mainly going to be on insulin use, I did try to start a topic of conversation on here to discuss the use of Humalog AM, Pre and Post w/o.

I have never used slin but what interests me is the thought of being able to continue to grow while using something extremley anabolic but does not effect the testes… So, perfect for use during PCT, time off or where I am looking to use it during my test only cruises so I should maintain, maybe even grow!, following a blast.

It is pretty straight forward in terms of active life of the slin and peak times; I would use Humalog pre workout and sip on a shake comprised of dextrose/cilic dextrose, whey hydrosolate and creatine monohydrate.

I would personally use it pre workout becuase It makes to the most sense to me; forcing nutrients into the muscle cells whilst you train and creating and insane pump. Post workout is obviously great for recovery but again, if you shot pre workout with Humalog then it would still be active come post workout shake/meal… Just not at peak.

What I need to clarify during my consultation is:

  • How to avoid fat gain (for now start with the classic 10g carbs per Iu and taper down the carbs as you get used to how you feel. I have been advised that 10g per iu is way too much and is just bro science on the net. I would use this however during a workout with access to more very easily becuase you are using energy to workout!)
  • Linking on from fat gain, do you pick an iu amount of slin that fits in to your macros and carbs already or do you have to increase carbs for it to work.
  • A clarification on eating fats around slin use.
  • Using Humalin-R and multiple slin shots per day.

I know there are smart, safe ways to use slin but it just scares the shit out of me. I’ve heard a couple of horror stories, and that was enough for me. It would be just my luck I’d pin and immediately get pulled over and yanked out of the car by cops (it’s happened before) on my way to the gym and go into shock and die on the side of the road. Unlikely situation obviously, but I have a bit of irrational paranoia about this topic. Unless I was able to take all the carbs in that I needed BEFORE I pinned, I could never see myself using slin.

I used to think people who used it just for recreational vanity purposes idiotic… Until I put it into perspective that it really is no more dangerous than crossing the road to get to the gym in the first place lol… Its a simple case of 1. Do not use it until you are educated on how to use it and understand the difference between 5 ius and 50. 2. Do not pin it until you have the fast acting carbs right next to you ready to go. 3. Have emergency glucose tablets/Sugary drink in your possession as a back up.

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I feel you, but if you put AAS use into perspective, not having kids, growing tits, liver problems, permanent shut down, there are many risks associated with that too, and is the humalog OTC, or do you need to go UGL for that

What I’ve read for far, is ten grams per IU is too much especially if your consuming with other macros, protein causes a small increase in blood sugar also, Ive heard fat gain is an issue especially with people who already aren’t lean, one way to combat this is to lower the amount of carbs per IU slightly but then the risk of this whole practice increase

Yes I dont see any point starting slin unless the user is pretty-very lean with already good amount of muscle mass too…

In terms of the whole g of carbs per iu thing, even after speaking to a professional, I think you just have to start with a decent amount and taper down, placing some carbs from other areas of your diet over the period where slin is active.

Once you find the “sweet spot” then you can adjust other areas of your diet.

My gym buddies are abit too recreational for me to want to take advice from them but they have used Humalog 3 x per day with very little fat gain and good results… They use for breakfast, mid day and pre workout with around 6/7g per iu for meals and nearer the 10g of carbs in their peri workout shake.

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is humalog otc Andy?

Yeah but those are all chronic conditions that you can generally learn to avoid along the way if you weren’t smart enough to educate yourself about before beginning use. Insulin on the other hand has the ability to kill you on your very first pin if you don’t know what you’re doing and pin too much or don’t take in carbs. Pin way more test than you meant to and what happens…maybe a few days later you start holding water and getting itchy nipples? Even that will only happen if you don’t have your AI regimen in check. The stakes are much higher and consequences more immediate with slin use.

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Well here in the UK its very accessable for diebetics but I don’t think it can be purchased in a store like in the Usa.

I agree with you whole heartedly, but with insulin the only way you can die is if your a dumb ass, you can get deca dick even if you have caber and do proper PCT and have a good deca to test ratio, you see what I mean, the risk of insulin can be regulated to zero through research and proper use, that is not the same as AAS, don’t worry not a AAS hater at all, Just trying to stand up a little for insulin

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Andy, Interesting It OTC in the USA but only certain types, the new super fast acting slin aren’t available is the older ones, its basically for people without insurance so they don’t fucking die if they have diabetes, what where your friends strength gains like?

I wouldnt compare slin to steroids in terms of strength gains, I would see/use it as only a way of improving recovery, increasing pump and muscle fullness.

Obviously with increased recovery you will get stronger more quickly than a complete natty but It cannot compare to any androgenic steroid like Tren I dont think.

As previously mentioned I plan to use it 4/5 times per week during my test only cruises to try and maintain between blasts and just to generally see if I can maybe continue to grow without any serious perferomance improvements,

not a lot of things compare to Tren lol, I think Im going to try using slin with peptides, I might do a couple months with Mk 677, CJC dad combo, and then another 3 months with mod grf, and GHRP 6 and see how that goes

I was thinking about using it during my cruise as well and beginning GH around the same time. Unfortunately even with being able to get our hands on any anabolics we want it seems rather difficult to find fast acting slin without knowing someone with a script. Novolin and Humalin are OTC but those have longer active life and require earlier shots with more frequent carb intakes and I don’t know if I want to deal with that. In any event, I’m glad someone is talking about the topic because I’d like to give it a go in the near future but want to make sure I don’t fuck up my insulin sensitivity/resistance and don’t get fat. Not worried about the other dangers because like you mentioned youd have to be an uneducated idiot to run into those mistakes.