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Anybody Ever Seen This Stuff?

Does anybody have any knowledge of this?

Looks like test E 350mg/ml

What’s the confusion?

Not confused as to what the label says. Confused as to whether it’s legit or not?

The only way to tell is to either do a labmax test or run it for a few weeks and get blood tests done.

There is absolutely no way of knowing by just looking at the container

Whenever I try a new source I usually get a small amount first, then do a labmax. If it passes I then place a large order and get blood work done a month in of use.

Thanks for the advise. I’m just skeptical, it was picked up in Mexico and I can’t find anything online about it. Such as the lab’ I’m sure it’s UG.

In mexico if you want test just walk into any pharmacy and ask for what testosterone’s they have. Usually they will have 2-3 “big pharma” options that you know are legit. Closer to the border and they will probably have more exotic options. I am way south and my pharamcy has Test E and Sustenon every time…until I buy all of their TEst Es, but if I want a bigger order I just need to give them 24 hours.

yeah I couldn’t get my wifi to work where I was at so I had extremely limited resources. (A friend that’s tried about anything), he said with a shrug of the shoulders " looks good to me".