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Anybody Ever Come Back From a Shoulder Injury?


Anyone have a shoulder joint issue and come back from it? Jeez does it hurt to do regular stuff let alone any lifting.


Not with out surgery! Have had both rotator cuffs repaired over my life


Yes but perhaps I was not injured that badly. Still it months of absolute rest and pain during sleep.
I did or needed to just pushups. So I avoided bench pressing for years. Doing the bench press very slowly and deliberaltely on the descent say 3 seconds down helped to get benching again. Also face-pulls and shoulder raises with little weights.


But you were able to go back to life as normal after the surgies? I’m having major anxiety over these issues. I’m going to the doctor tommorow for x-ray and consultation. I just hope I can be fixed.


You can almost always be fixed. Relax. See what the DR says then strap yourself in and do the work to be better than ever.

If you’re screwed, find a different goal and crush that.


Ha thanks man! I appreciate the kind words. My pastor got a shoulder replacement and it freaked me out a little.


Dr said x-ray showed nothing out of the usual but shoulder joints are loose. Prescribed PT and anti-inflamatory med. hope to get back to normal. Thank you all for the advice and reassurance.


The mind can play evil tricks. Quick healing to you.


Definitely! Left shoulder repair is about 8 years old and the right is about 1 1/2 years old. Gotta have a great PT in my opinion and you have to be willing to do the work.


I had surgery in 2004 to tighten my shoulder up. I had frequent subluxations prior to that. I was on the shelf for 3 months and told to wear a sling for most of that. I did extensive rehab during those 3 months and back in the weight room the day I was released. I was told not to go past parallel on bench but that was my only restriction. Everything came back quickly once I got back in the gym. Good luck!


You need to take a oral steroid. Just one or two pills. And that will increase blood flow enough to heal naturally. I pulled a tendon in shoulder once had frozen shoulder.