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Anybody Ever Buy Gear From IOffer

I would like to find a good online source. My buddy that I usually go through has a very limited selection.

I am considering using a bidding site “ioffer.com” which looks a bit like ebay. The seller I am considering is based out of Thailand and has a very good (+99.9%) user rating. The seller has around a hundred items, all related to bodybuilding. He also offers re-shipping if the package fails to make it through customs.

My hesitation is that prior to finding him I had never heard of ioffer & because of the nature of the site there is not a phone number to call.

Has anyone ever used this bidding site before, if so what was your experience.

If you haven’t used it before do you think this sounds like a scam?

Dont do it, its most likely a scam. They can easily fake user ratings.

One seller will create a bunch of fake accounts, then buy his own stuff thru those accounts, and give himself a perfect rating.

Def. dont do it.