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Anybody else kinda scared??

(Reuters) - The World Health Organization warned on Saturday of a “worldwide health threat” as a mystery killer pneumonia spread from east Asia to other parts of the globe. Releasing a rare “emergency travel advisory,” the United Nations health agency said an ill passenger had been taken to an isolation unit in Frankfurt, Germany, on Saturday after being removed from a plane en route from New York to Singapore.

Shit. I’ll be stayng inside for the next six moths or so, thank you very much…

I just read about this in today’s New York Times.

Very scary, indeed.

“Until we can get a grip on it, I don’t see how it will slow down,” WHO spokesman Dick Thompson said in Geneva. “People are not responding to antibiotics or antivirals, it’s a highly contagious disease and it’s moving around by jet. It’s bad.”

So be it. We all gotta go sometime. I could think of better ways, but what are you gonna do?

MBE you live in New York. Whats the attitude up there…wait i can probably guess “virus…i got cha virus right here buddy.”

“we all gotta go sometime–what are ya gonna do”–What are we gonna do?? what are we gonna do?? well i tell ya what im gonna do, its bar the door sally time!! Im takin 20 gallons of water and 6 tubs of GROW! to fort Assasin located in my bedroom. See you guys later!!!

Shit, Hawaii is the gateway to Asia. We also get alot of tourists from Asia. Oh well at least a can sprint and do GPP outside year around. Sidenote 400m sprints on the beach is murder.

BFA, don’t forget to bring the porn, too. Could get sorta lonely in there…

It’s like an ‘airborne’ version of AIDS except its worse 'cos you die within a fornight, and there is NO cure.

Personally, I think this virus was manufactured in a lab to withstand ALL potential cures. Scary!!

(BFA leans out from under the blanket fort and gives 2 lotion covered thumbs up to the screen)

Hey, I work in the nuclear field and can easily score a full-face respirator with the proper filter cartridges.

In fact, I could probably score several.

Chris and the rest of the gang, what are a few of those bad boys worth to you guys? I may possibly consider a trade for, oh I don’t know, maybe a certain Biotest leather jacket…

Yes its scary but so is cancer (which you all know I have and I am dealing w/ it and beating it) and half the other shit out there… F*ck it! You still got to live life!!! Come on guys I thought you were real T-MEN :0)…

A-friggin-men, Goldberg.

To me this sounds a lot like media BS intended to scare people. The disease isn’t exactly spreading quickly, and the infected are isolated (hopefully successfully). There also have not been any non-isolated cases in the US (though there have been in Canada (ph33r).

Lab manufactured? Lab viruses/bacteria are tightly controlled, and such viruses don’t infect one person at a time, but hundreds, when someone decides to dump a tub of it into the local water supply.

Don’t get your panties in a knot just yet, I believe they have this one under control. For now.

Sounds a bit like that Ebola scare in 1995. I’m more far worried about the deadly health implications caused by a highly infectious parasite, rapidly gaining ground in gyms across the world and seemingly resistant to all respected strength training literature, the Ill-informed Fitness Instructor (latin name: Allsetius Toofailius)

I wasn’t really all that scared until some goddamn woman, hacking her brains out, coughed up blood all over me at the supermarket.

Oh my GOD!!!

NINE people have died worldwide from this!!!

/Getting out ‘End of the world’ signs

lmao, good responses guys. But when i feast on the souls of…whoops didnt mean to type that.

Chill, people. Here’s a bit from today’s New York Times:

"China Provides Information on Deadly Health Threat

Chinese health officials yesterday gave the World Health Organization the first, sketchy details about a mysterious respiratory ailment that is believed to have first broken out in Guangdong province last November and that Chinese officials say has tapered off in recent weeks.

W.H.O. officials were elated to receive the information, because it was the first official communication from China about the outbreak and because it provides a longer-term view of how the illness has behaved since the first cases were detected. Although the new information hints that the outbreak may be ending in Guangdong for unknown reasons, W.H.O. officials say they need more information to be certain."