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Anybody Else Grow a Lockdown Beard?

Heres mine. Pretty happy with it. Wifey likes it too. Probably because it hides more of my face! :joy:


I would say it makes you look at least 10 years older than your avatar lol.


Tried to grow out a handlebar mustache - wife said it was disgusting and made me shave it.

LOL. At least

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This is what I did. Wife does not like it either, but she puts up with it. Mine is pretty blonde, so I just call people brother now.

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Maybe it made you look like a porn star! LOL

Try a beard, I bet she would like that. All kinds of tickling going on with a beard LOL

I was super blonde as a young man and my beard still has some coppery strands in it but, as you can see, its mostly gray these days

The whole handle bar is about the color of your mustache. It also isn’t all that thick, but TRT has helped a bit.

I always do this. Maybe its a Texas thing. In Tennessee, they called me Feller!

For me too, big time. Filled in a ton.

I can admit it is pretty terrible, but I think that is part of mustache life.

I am at 16 year old level of facial hair after TRT lol. Maybe in 10 years it will finally be sorta thick.

Tried that too, she prefers the trimmed goatee I have had for 10 years now.

Mostly she hates the wax I have to put in to keep the handlebar up - says I look “greasy”

LOL, I feel like I went thru a second puberty at 50!

Maybe you should go for the 3 day unshaved look :smiley:

It helps, but you still have those 2 days of waiting to get to 3 days. I shave about once a week these days.

LOL. I couldn’t grow a mustache period until TRT. Now I have hair up to my freaking eyeballs. I shave and by noon I look fully bearded. I HATE the body hair that came with it too.

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My husband is trying to grow a Viking beard for me but every time it grows a little bit he freaks out and cuts it because the itching drives him nuts. He’s tried beard conditioner and oil to no avail. Do any of you have any tricks to taming barbed wire facial hair?

The itching can be nuts but I just use some argon oil that my wife bought me in the hair care section of the grocery store. Works good and smells clean. No fancy (and expensive) beard oils or balms.

Plus, you telling him how good it looks and running your finger thru it will help him put off shaving.

Is he shaving any part of his neck because that area can cause itching too. He needs to let the whole thing go

I hate to break it to you, but that is not a Handlebar mustache. A handlebar involves wax and forming the Handlebar part.

You sure? Google images returns multiple styles upon the query, many of which matches what I’m going for.

I’m not saying you are wrong, but I thought multiple mustache styles could be considered handlebar.

I suppose more accurate would be a horseshoe mustache. Or just calling it the hulk Hogan would convey my idea.


= winning at coronavirus life.

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