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Anybody Else Get Anxiety on TRT?

Anybody on here deal with crazy anxiety while body is trying to adjust to trt? And ED seems to have gotten worse in the past week

A lot of people go through a bit of anxiety after their honeymoon period ends and their system starts to shut down. I found supping magnesium glycinate at bed time helped.

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Can’t tell if its anxiety or vasodilation, I’ll need to follow up with my doctor I guess

Yes, felt a little “edgy” from the start… today much worse… my Free T has been 5.2ng/dl for at least three years… started TRT 4 weeks ago, tomorrow is my last pin of the 4th week… I do MWF, 40mg, 20mg, 40mg… no AI. My estradiol was 39 before starting, but it was the ECLIA method, so maybe worthless… I have just started feeling really crappy… lethargic, breathing off a little, anxiety (low grade but feels like it could get worse anytime)… I read online that this is not uncommon for a newbie… any recommendations, or just ride it out? Thx!

I stopped clomid a week and a half ago, last Friday had really bad anxiety, I inject Monday and Thursday, this week no anxiety but not feeling any worthwhile positive effects of trt, I get my 8 week labs drawn this coming Monday so we’ll see what they say

Yeah you are hitting the end of the honeymoon phase and your body will now adjust. Ride it out. And unless you have a valid reason for staggering your dose like that Id be consistent with the dosing at each shot.

Thanks, Bro, think it would be OK to go to 3X a week 30mg? Or would it be better to go to 20mg EOD?
Or do you think it’s better to stick to the 100mg/week? I read that a good number of guys do OK on 80mg/week… especially to start…

Bump up to 120mg at 12 weeks. Higher T input equals stability for me. I started at 160mg and bumped up to 175mg at 24 weeks. Now back to 160 and my body is curious about 200mg. The nervousness comes from not enough once the shutdown happens. But you level out, by 12months of therapy, your body can handle the changes better. Working out helps too.

Thanks for the feedback!

I am now considering a potential problem that may be MY elephant in the room… my daily smoking of a small amount of grass nightly for over 15 years. Not a ton of info available online, but I am thinking that this may be the reason for my super-low Free T… 5.2ng/dl… I am considering halting the TRT… and getting off the weed for a month or two and re-testing T levels… what do you think? I was on TRT for 4 weeks before, but my UroDoc turned out to be a royal assclown so I stopped with no bad effects… I am also wondering if taking some pregnenolone might help me in several different ways… unfortunately I have been very frustrated with the lack of knowledge of doctors… I have been through 2 primary, 5 urologists and one endocrinologist… none of which knew much about TRT or the effects of weed on hormones… I am almost 64… sure am tired of feeling like I am running at 50%… let alone really feeling crappy lately…

OR… should I just gut it out and work through the startup negatives and stay on the TRT while getting off the weed??? thanks again! JJ

Why not just do 50mg Mon PM and 50mg Friday AM?

yes sir

Might try that… what are your thoughts on my long term daily use of weed? Could that be the reason my Free T levels are so low? IF so… should I quit the weed first and THEN, after testing T levels, start TRT again if necessary? I recently read that weed can really effect T levels… and I’ve been an almost daily smoker (small amounts before bedtime) for 15+ years… thanks!

Doubtful though I have read it can increase estrogen. I dont think you are going to buy much T by giving it up. If anything it is the behavior it can induce that would be the affecting factor perhaps but then again maybe the relaxation is a positive cortisol reducer.

I personally would stay the course.

I like 200 more than my starting dose of 150 mg. I think gym performance is quite a lot better just with the extra 50 mg.

From what I understand, the research shows a drop off in testosterone for someone who isn’t a chronic smoker after a weed smoking session, but chronic users did not have statistically significant differences in testosterone levels. Now I believe the study actually looked a Jamaican men that used at least daily. I can’t remember who they compared them too (maybe it was non smoking Jamaican men, but I would think those would be hard to find lol).

When I first started to look into my symptoms and started getting blood work, I really looked at life style things. I wasn’t doing anything in excess. Couple beers here or there. I came to the conclusion that to get my test from low normal to less low (but probably not going to get even to average) that I would have to live like a puritan. Going to bed at 9 on the weekend, 1 drink a month, never having a tolk. It just didn’t seem worth the trade off.

To each their own sir. You basically just described my life LOL. But at 48 it fits me. It wouldn’t have made sense to me at 30 years old as much as I wish I had made the changes then.

Thx for the feedback… confusing stuff… especially since most doctors I have seen are really sub-par… Big Pharma shills… too many patients… uncaring… uninformed… not enough time to keep up with research…
Do you have any tricks to lower SHBG? Mine is at the high end of range… and I don’t trust ranges much… way too broad… my 5.2 Free T is low on Lab Corp scale… but “normal” on Sonora Quest… which is outrageous… they even call 3.5ng Free T “normal”!!

I smoke weed, and it creates anxiety, but I hit the weights to offset it. I only smoke 3 times a week or so. But yes, weed induces anxiety for a lot of people. Me included. I just so happen to be able to take control, roll with it type attitude. Smoking at night will mess with your sleep. That impacts everything.

Good point. It does mess with your sleep by decreasing deep restorative sleep so in that way yes it will definitely mess with your Testosterone @az_jj

Ive heard more than once about magnesium and I also have been told to add pregnanalone to the mix when on trt to reduce anxiety.

You need to just do 35 M/W/F . doing the dose you have now is creating a big up and down. Even when you stabilize you will have more during the start and end and less during middle.

Another problem is you are doing a very low dose. 100 is nothing imo. I have only seen 1 person who can get away with 100 and even then I think that person could do more.

Sounds like your doctor put you on trt and kept you in low status. won’t know until they run labs.