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Anybody Eat Canned Salmon?


I just opened up a can of salmon that I had sitting in my pantry for awhile. I'm intending to throw some in w/ my eggs in every morning just to switch things up a bit and get more polyunsaturated fats in.

However, after flopping the compressed mass of fish out of the can. I find that it looks like they took a salmon, cut its head and guts out, then smashed the rest of it into the can.

I don't mind the skin, the vertebrae are a pain to pick out but I'm doing it anyway, but I'm worried about the little bones and stuff that I'm not going to be able to get out.

Can I just eat those little bones and hopefully digest them?

I'd really hate to endure the consequences if those bones don't get digested. I also don't want to get a salmon bone stuck in my throat.


If bones and stuff are that big of a problem, I'd try another brand. I don't think there is any sort of a health issue with eating bones though.

By the way, canned salmon is awesome on top of salads.


Yeah you just eat it all. You will barely notice eating the bones, this includes the vertebra. It does look horrible though.....this is why i prefer tuna.


change to tinned sardines they have the good fats your looking for and they're bones are edible and are a good source of calcium.


Most of my meats are canned: salmon, sardines, tuna, and chicken.

Bones are actually pretty healthy; they have a high calcium content. I get a lot of bones from canned sardines and salmon. When eating freshly cooked rotisserie chicken, I always eat the soft tiny bones or the softer part of a long bone.


I just finished some canned salmon actually.
I split it down the middle and just scrape out the vertebrae and other smaller bones.
I usually miss some of the smaller bones but they're not a problem.

Btw try your salmon with some PB - smoosh it all together with some flax meal - it's a fatstravaganza!


With PB??? AND flax?! Sounds like a meal that couldn't make up it's mind to be a dessert or a main course O__o lol

The OP, the brands of salmon that are like the ones you've described I have only seen from Trader Joes. For those type of salmon I just mix it with some Garlic and Herb seasoning and about a TBSP wasabi mayo and then mash it all up. Tasty tasty salmon salad; great on top of some foliage.


I've had other canned salmon w/o the bones, but this is the first time I've seen one w/ the actual vertebrae in it. But if its edible, which I had a hard time thinking it wouldn't be, I'm going to eat it.

Thanks for the replies and the wasabi salmon salad sounds good. I'll pick up some sardines too, just to give them a shot.


Pick out the big vertebrae bones. The rest, take a fork and crush/mash them up.

Salmon patties are about the best thing to make with canned salmon. Look up a good easy recipe.


Mix it with an eggs and some mrs. dash, shape it to a burger and grill or pan fry.


i think a lot of salmon fishing allows for the fish to die on the net. if you can afford it, try dave's fancy salmon and you'll see that there is a huge difference in their fresh processing.


Yep. I eat a canned salmon every day. Bones, skin, liquid and all. It also has a large dose of naturally occurring vit. D which goes well with all that calcium.


Thats such a leather face thing to say.


I was dismayed to learn about the vertebra in the canned salmon too. Edible, but totally threw off the texture of what I was eating.


I eat canned salmon mixed with beans on a tortilla for breakfast after lifting and occasionally as a dinner replacement. Keeps me strong, taste good with some salsa and wasabi mixed in.
i just take out the big bone pcs, everything else doesnt seem to cause any troubles after mixing up with a fork.


The bones are easily digested, and of course add greatly to the Calcium you getting. Eat them bones!


damn, I am clearly not as savage as you all. my canned salmon doesnt ever have bones, just meat. guess I need to step my game up