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Anybody Done Jon Anderson Online Coaching?

As the title says… was it worth it? Make you better at picking up heavy things? Make you look better st picking up heavy things?

@T3hPwnisher would know better than anyone, but considering deep water beginner, intermediate, and advanced are all free, I would start there, dude.

Yea I’m getting suckered in lol. I followed Jon and he surprising sent me a message asking how I was doing and thanks for the follow! Started talking training and he asked about my training and progress. Said I was doing good but he could help lol. I’d be curious to try but half of me wants to go it alone. Just to say I did it. The other half wants gainz NOW.

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First sensible thing to come from him in a while:

I bought the Badass/thrive program and technically have an option for 1 on 1 consultation, but haven’t made use of it yet. Not at a point in my training/lifestyle where it would make sense.


Never been a fan of online coaching.

I’ve actually been thinking about this recently since I’ve been getting the itch to coach/train again. I had the realization that no one needs a program. There are literally thousands of free programs available. Why should I waste time writing out generic stuff?

What people need is accountability. They need someone to check in on them and make sure they’re following the plan. I guess you could say they need a coach instead of a trainer.

If you feel like you need personal motivation then go ahead, sign up. If not, then don’t. I think you have plenty of free resources right here.

I’d only hire a coach if I was competing or felt like I’d hit a wall on my own.

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I have plenty of motivation lol if I could spend 4 hours a day in the gym I’d do it.

He asked me what I wanted out of a coach and I really don’t know.

I tell you what I’d love to have though. Somebody to come workout with me and show me stuff and work through issues like my squat. I need to go back and see my PT because that was pretty dang close. Instead of reading stuff that says “do this, cue this, flex this”. They could physically move me in the positions and help me better understand.


I think if you look in the mirror and do a set of 101 power cleans with 225, Jon Anderson shows up and makes you do more power cleans. I dunno if that’ll help you though.


I hear if you look in the mirror and say “water man” three times and flick the light, ah, nevermind.


Then I wouldn’t worry about getting a coach.