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Anybody Done Best Damn Workout 1 & 2?


I have been doing BDWP 1 for many months with good results in spite of suboptimal rest and nutrition; it’s been a great program for me

I am thinking on changing now to BDWP 2 and I am aware that the methodology is the same regarding mTor, rest-pause, and drop sets; but I was wondering if someone who has done both would comment about differences between them or give any tips realized during and after finishing doing that could be of help

Thanks in advance

Having done both for many months, my only negative experience was with the lower rep ‘myo rep’ format. I felt it did not work as well for isolation moves compared to Borge Fagerli’s original version, where your opening set is in the 15+ or even 20+ region. Indeed, the drop sets appeared to stimulate areas like delts more effectively for me, anyway.

Thanks for sharing your experience with them