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Anybody Doing OAC/Ps?


Anyone over 200 pounds able to do a one arm chin or one arm pullup? I've lost 15 pounds and am down to 215 and am getting close. I've researched this and the only people at least 200 who could do this that I've found are John Grimek (200lbs) Bert Assirati (260) and Alexander Lechner (220). Marvin Eder was also really good at 195 and Sandow could do them at 190. Everyone else is really skinny.

Know anyone else over 200? There must be plenty as I'm hardly a genetic freak.

I can static hold (and do a little concentric in) the middle parts of the movement but don't have the strength yet at the top and very bottom. Chinning your BW with one arm is great for arm and back development.


I didn't think it was that exclusive of a club, but I'm a shade over 260 pounds and I can do a 1-arm pull-up. I've never tried it in the overhand "chin-up" position, but I can't imagine it would be much different in terms of difficulty. Is the 1-arm pullup supposed to be a really hard thing to accomplish for a 200+ pounder?


The OAC ought to be a little easier than the OAP although with one arm pulls I haven't noticed any difference except right at the top where the OAP is much harder. But "Overhand" would be a pullup though...? palms facing away from you is a pullup.

I'm not sure how hard it is for 200+, that's what I'm trying to find out. For 260, I'm pretty sure that's damm good though.


So maybe it is a big deal...


I'm only 190lbs at the moment but I can do a one arm chin-up with a 10kg (22lb) load on my waist, so probably similar?? I never really thought anything of it to be honest.


There are some good articles on OAPUs at Pavel's site, one by a 220lb guy. I've seen rugby players do it and they are generally over 200 but it is definately harder at that weight, like any relative strength test


I posted the same question on another forum that is loaded with world class strength athletes (and where everyone posts using their real name) and it is a big deal.

Alex Lechner is the guy at 220 with the training article at Pavel's site. Yuri Vlasov also did it at 280.


Damn! Maybe I should make a video and post it?


That's what I'm going to do when I get it but I wouldn't bother if I wasn't vegan.

I've got a couple videos of one arm chinning/pulling.