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Anybody Deal with Gout?


Anybody have ideas about Gout? I have a friend who was it, and hasn't been able to do much of anything.



Digestive enzymes.


How does one get gout?


Black Cherry Extract supposedly is a very common remedy for this. May want to give it a try.


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try pineapple, it has digestive enzyme 'bromelain' which helps protein breakdown.
most supplements for joint health have this substance.
drinking more water could help also.
more info could be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gout


I don't think there is any evidence that digestive enzymes have anything to do with gout. Of course if someone has evidence it would be welcome.

Protein per se is not the cause of gout, let alone absorbing less protein due to incomplete digestion.

Some time ago I had read the Wikipedia article that sawahladang mentions: if it has not changed radically since then, which it probably hasn't, it was a good write-up on the actual situation.


From what I've read and been told, gout is a built up in Uric Acid that crystalizes insdide joint capsules.

Thanks for the input everyone. I'll pass it along.


You need to stay on a low purine diet (look it up),,stay away from turkey and shellfish..some people can eat a little and get away with it and others can't,,you're body can't process purine (found in those foods), and it crystalizes in the joints. It's a form of arthritis..dealing with it for 16 years


Some routine testing is in order, gout is a symptom of a metabolic problem and several causes are possible.
Not a great idea to guess about things like this. Treating the pain/inflammation and changing diet without knowing there are other problems that should be addressed is not good medicine.


A good friend of mine has it and controls is with an anti inflammatory his doctor prescribed for him. At first he was taking it every day. After it was better he just takes it when it flares up. Of course it may be different for others.

You could always amputate. :wink:



heard consuming milk helps to deal with gout... could be wrong though


I got gout by eating about 1.5lbs of Mature Stilton in two days.

Read this

Do this


More precisely, dietary purines come from any DNA or RNA source.

Any food comprised of cells has some DNA and RNA in it.

Some cells have much less DNA and RNA than others. For example, vegetables do contain purines but quite little. Meats and animal organs in general have much more. Some meats have more than others.


He needs to find out if he's an over-producer or under-excreter. Either way, he's going to be in a world of pain. I have a guy at my pharmacy who's taking 6 norco 10/325 per day because of gout. He's already failed every NSAID, allopurinol, and colchicine.

NSAIDS are great, but they're a temporary fix. They do nothing to solve the root cause. The majority of home remedies I've read about and seen do very little.