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Anybody Deadlift 2-3x per Week?


Have any of you guys tried with success dead lifting 2-3x per week? Its my main strength goal and i really like deadlifting.

If you did can you give me some idea how you approach it? Maybe one speed day and one heavy day? Any advice on speed deadlifts?



My thoughts would be that this could be way too taxing on your body and eventually lead you to injury. I've done some various types of programs, and I found for raw strength purposes Wendler's 5/3/1 really works the best for me. If done right, and you give it 110% in the gym that day, I don't see why you would need to deadlift more than once a week. I remember watching an interview of Matt Kroc (I think that's who it was), but he said once he started to do really heavy weight, he would only deadlift maybe 1-2x per month because it is just so taxing.


Benni Magnusson deadlifted 3x a week starting out. He still DLs every week AFAIK


It is taxing for sure. I believe i've build up some tolerance lately though. I deadlifted 3x in 5 days 2 weeks ago and got 1 solid heavy session last week.

Speed deadlifts are the answer i was looking for. When i was typing this post i didn't think of it until i was finished!

Love to hear some feedback on speed deads though. I was thinking of %50 1RM for 8-10 sets of 3.


Depending on how far out from a meet i'll deadlift regular worksets 2-4 times a week and very low % formwork 1-2 times a week. I pull sumo at meets, off season a week could be

mon - sumo 6x5
tues - stifflegged 4x5
thurs - Deficit pulls, conventional stance 4x4
Friday speed sumo whateverx2

Find something, that works for you. Don't be afraid to pull often, it lets you work more frequently on perfecting the pull.


Yeah, I'm sold on relatively high frequency for a specific lift. I doubt any of the biggest lifts in the world was performed by someone who only perform that specific lift once a week for his whole career.

I probably should start doing stiff legged deads again. I used to love them. I used the romanian deadlift version i guess its called.

My lower back is wonky, i need to build the fucker up. :slightly_smiling:

You use any straps? I have a nice set here, i think i should start using them.


Disclaimer: take this with a grain of salt because I'm in no way experienced, and I don't have impressive numbers. But I did do it, so here it is.

I did it for about 9 months, and my deadlift went from 308 to 396 (Body weight went from 140 to 165). I changed things up after that because my back was not recovering fully.

As for how I approached it, I deadlifted on Tuesday and Friday. Tuseday I would start at about 70% of my max and do a set of 5, add 5kg (11 pounds) and do another set of 5. I would keep adding weight and doing sets of 5 until I couldn't hit 5 in a set. If I felt good, I would drop down and start again. Friday would see me do the same except with sets of 4. Next Tuesday would be sets of 3, and next Friday would be sets of 2. The next Tuesday I would start over with sets of 5, etc.

After those nine months, I changed my loading to kind of a condensed (two weeks into one) 5/3/1 percentages and reps. Again, I deadlifted twice a week, but I only got up to 407 after over three months of lifting and gaining 15 pounds. I was a little disappointed.

I would try deadlifting multiple times a week if I were you, and see how it works out. You won't know until you try it.


The ELITE lifters in the world I highly doubt pulled more then once per week.

Doesnt make any sense, leads to over training, neurologically taxing, beats up the immune system and I promise will lead to injury.

If your a beginner, then have at it. You can probably get away with it. But any lifter with years of experience should know better.


I'll go through phases where I'll deadlift from 3x a week to once every other week.

Give it a try. Just remember to bring the volume way down.


I usually do 6-10 singles @ 60-70% myself. Someone stronger may disagree, and your milleage will vary, but I don't feel that reps are neccessarily a good fit with speed pulls. The eccentric preloading that takes place before all but that first rep changes the dynamics of the movement. I don't take much time at all between sets though. Just enough to stand up, get new air, and go again.


Google the Finnish deadlift routine. they did 2x per week. It's rough, but those Finns could pull.


fixed it for you haha


Should have figured on that , haha !


I see a lot of postulates here, but nothing to back it up, except what you "doubt" and what people "should".

Truth be told, I don't DOUBT this, I KNOW some IPF world champs train deadlift several times a week, on the other hand I also know some don't.

On regards of straps.. Far away from meets, when doing higher reps, you can use them, but for any lowrep, and anything I can hold on to with a double overhand grip I use that.


For sure but i doubt they got to elite only training the deadlift once a week, some maybe. I believe in practising the lift often, for instance i figured out a minor change in my technique yesterday with speed pulls.


I used doubles. I don't like any sets over 3 for the deadlift personally. I reset after every rep.


I deadlift heavy 3-4 times per week now, but don't squat for a while. (on smolor jr for DLs i am) Depends on when i feel good and recovered.


I tried deadlifting more than once a week before and it never came close to working. I also tried deadlifting less often than once a week and it wasn't that great either. Once every 7 days seems to be my best deal personally.


I'm pretty good friends with a world champion lifter from Russia, his coach has them pulling 3x a week, squatting 3x, and benching 5x...they have multiple world champions training under this coach. I know for a fact, Andrey Belyaev pulls 3x a week, and I know a few USAPL world lifters that pull at least 2x a week. I pull just under 700 at 181 and squat and dl 2x a week, sometimes 3. So don't make stupid assumptions without any knowledge