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Anybody Cook?


Do you make things up or use recipes?



My pictures won't upload?



Shrimp Ala Me






I call this one "WTF Midnight?"

10 oz. New York with red potatoes and shiitake, garlic, onion hash.






My badd


Yes, I cook.

I have posted food porn here before, lol


I make this crap:


Maybe its collapsed. Some vagina's do that.




it helps to experiment with things that you thing might come out good. i have tried some recipes off the net and some with my own experimentation.

one of my favorites is:

2-3 tbsp EVCO in a skillet, then saute veggies(i like green peppers,onion,and tomatoes), add adobe chicken seasoning and some crushed oregano, then add 4-5 cans of tuna once veggies are done to your liking, once its all done add parmesan cheese. delicous.


That steak looks like a dead beheaded bird that got run over by a car.