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Anybody Buy from Garage Gym Store?


Garage gym store has a ton of reasonably priced equipment...I'm specifically interested in there piece that is a glute ham raise/squat rack/dip(can also be a bench and hyperextension etc. for $479, just want to know if its durable and not all loose like some cheap stuff I've seen.


I bought the squat rack/dip stands. It's been great ~6 months of daily use.

A few things to consider:

It's a bit tough to push together to do dips. Fine if you do them 1-2x/week.

I wouldn't trust it to 700lbs. I'll buy a good power rack when I get closer to those numbers.

The finish paint scratches off fast.

Overall I am impressed with it. The post adjustments are easy. It's simple to put together (6 bolts at the bottom and the rest is welded.

It's a good piece for the price.


Do they have a website?