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Any ZMA Fans Here?


I know people have been using this stuff for years, but I'm a bit behind the times and picked up my first bottle about a week ago.

I'm a very light sleeper, often waking up 5 times a night, and this stuff has given me a week of the best sleep I've had in my life. It rivals ambien in effectiveness, without the unfortunate side effect of night terrors and uncontrolled screaming.

And the dreams...I don't know how it works but I've had the most lucid, messed-up dreams this week. "Hobo with a shotgun" was prominently featured in last night's dream...

Anyone else swear by this stuff?


every night for me. love the stuff.


No joke on the dreams...I use this stuff all the time, last night was by far the weirdest. Remember Will Ferrell in Zoolander? Yah..he was in my dream with that trashbag bowtie outfit on reciting Dr. Suess stories and it just got even weirder from there.

ZMA is good stuff haha


ZMA is sleep mushrooms.


That's weird man, I had a dream about Zoolander last night too! I haven't even seen that movie in a few years


ZMA is fking AMAZING! ahhahaa i take only 2 i know the serving for men is 3 but with 3 i got terrible shitting problems i dont know why :frowning: but i love ZMA!


ZMA is always one of my supplement staples man


I'm actually excited for bed tonight. I know I'll get a quality 8 hours, but more importantly I wonder what further lessons the hobo with a shotgun can teach me...


If I can't dedicate 8 hours to sleep every night should I not try ZMA? What about weekends?


Lol , why not weekends? and yes , what ever hours of sleep you do get will be legit


i only take 2 as well. i actually have trouble falling asleep when i take 3 for some reason.


since taking Z-12 I don't take ZMA much at all anymore, that and I usually pop 3-4 Elite Pro's.


What I mean is, I get up for work Mon-Fri at 3:50 A.M. and don't want to take anything that will make it hard to wake up or make me drowsy during the day. If it won't cause me these problems I would love to try it. When I asked about weekends I was more asking if it would even do me any good to ONLY take it on weekends.


Actual ZMA-induced dream last night. Not at all exaggerated or embellished for the sake of humour...

Alex Lifeson of Rush had created a PowerPoint presentation, but for some reason couldn't change the background colour of his slides from gray to blue. He offered to pay me 170,000 yen (about $1700) to do it for him, despite the fact I had no background in PP or graphic design. I was having difficulty doing it and he kept hounding me, becoming increasingly agitated at my inability to do what was asked.



ZMA is great stuff, I usually start taking it when I am feeling run down and sluggish and then I taper off it a few weeks later. I should probably just take it every night so I don't get those sluggish times, but it is NOTICEABLE when I get back on it. Not a week later, but the next damn day. Also, at least for me the testosterone boosting claims for it are the real deal. My only measurement for this is the amount of wood I'm getting, but I have a fairly good handle on how much it happens and when it's increased I know why.

Basically only two supplements have this effect for me, Alpha Male and ZMA. When I stack them it's just rediculous. But Right now I'm just running (like others have said) 2 ZMA Pills per night.



I would try it on the weekends first, I believe it WOULD be beneficial if you could only take it on the weekends. I have boosted with it before, where I am feeling run down and tired for a few days and I just do one night of ZMA and it picks me right back up for weeks. So even if you can't take it the night before you have to get up early, it's still a viable supplement. I know for me I can get right up early after taking it, my wife however cannot take it the night before she has to get up early for work. She tried it 2 times and both times slept through her alarm and ended up going to work late. And she is never late to work.



I have been using ZMA on and off for a couple of months and it works great, but differently than I expected. Ambien and other sleep aids are very helpful to get to sleep. ZMA doesn't help me get to bed at all. I can take ZMA and stay awake lying in bed for hours not getting tired. However, if I take ZMA I don't wake up at all during the night. If I don't take ZMA, I usually get up at least once or twice during the middle of the night.

Does that seem to be everyone else's experience as well?


Is it a good idea to take a dose of ZMA immediately Post-WO?
(...in an effort to lower cortisol)


The calcium in whey will inhibit absorption, I believe.


Take ZMA immediately post-WO, 50'-60' later drink, eat, etc...