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Any Writers Here?


I can tell we have a few natural writers here on T-Nation just by reading their posts - FightingIrish, DBCooper and Bodyguard come to mind, among others - but I wanted to see how many other recreational or professional writers we've got.

Any genre, any medium, published or not...who here writes on a regular basis?


Hit up RV, I'm sure he could tell you a thing or two.

(crosses fingers and hopes this lifts off!)





RV isn't much of a gentleman though, I figured he'd have allowed the 400 year-old Hungarian countess to ride in the front!


That gif is an infinite source of laughter. Damn, I love it so much.

I have written sci-fi and fantasy stuff, just for fun. I want to try to write in English, mostly to expand my vocabulary.


Go for it. Joseph Conrad didn't learn English until he was about 20.


HAHAHA! You win sir! I've been waiting for someone to spot she didn't have shotgun. RV just cares too much bout his vampire homies ^^


I've thought about it but most of the subjects I'm experienced in are either done to death or only interesting to a very select group, and even then- not very interesting.


Before I went back to school to get my nutrition degrees I worked as an entertainment writer for about 5 years for a few different online magazines. Video games and high end electronics stuff...

And now I'm writing nutrition articles for a website that specializes in fitness/nutrition.


I have about 35K words written so far. so its about half done. Its a pretty unique concept for a book, that i don't think has ever been done.


Who are you writing for Skynett?

I'd be interested in seeing something different lately. I can also understand if you don't want to put it up on here.


Can you post an excerpt? I know people like ribbing on you here (myself included) but I'm genuinely curious to see how it's coming along...


If you were to ask me to write about anything else, i probably wouldn't be able to. only other thing i can write about is bodybuilding stuff, lol. other than that, i have never thought of myself as a writer at all. for the most part, i suck at it. but when it comes to this particular person and concept for the book, i seem to be alot better than normal.


He sent me a copy of his manuscript for editing. Here's my favorite excerpt from it:


I used to be a games journalist - I worked on UK mags PC Review, (briefly) ComputerLife (UK edition) and PC Gaming World (UK version of CGW) between 1993 and 2000. Did some freelance after that but the magazine industry fell on its arse with the advent of the Internet so I moved on to other things.


I'd like to try writing but can't come up with any ideas.

I was thinking about a story about a boy who is friends with a scientist and the scientist clones a dinosaur. it'll be called "Billy and the Cloneasaurus"


Sometimes a title is all you need to get the ball rolling ^^

I've been lazily working on something for years now but I doubt it will come to full fruition until I'm retired. Too much to do and too little time. But it's a good story I think so we'll see how it goes.


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Yea, I am a journalist and I work in newspapers. I'm a columnist and a reporter, so I cover pretty much all the bases, and I write freelance shit about (surprise surprise) boxing when I get the time as well.

As most reporters have done, I've got some type of novel in the works that I've been sitting on for a decade but it's not all that important to me... my column is pretty much the most important thing I do, and I excel in writing smaller pieces like that (although I'm quite good at writing longer articles as well if I do say so myself.)

The prospects of a novel, of course, just seems daunting, between the length and the weight of it all. And so it sits.

If you're looking to get into the field or whatever and you've got questions, I can do what I can to help you out from my own experiences.


LOL! (Based on my avatar you can probably guess I picked up on the reference)

I myself have a great novel idea which involves a New Jersey teenager and his mother picking up and moving across the country to an affluent Los Angeles suburb, in hopes of better employment opportunities. The youngster is constantly bullied by a local gang of Karate toughs, but with the help of an elderly Japanese maintenance man he learns not only to defend himself, but his dignity as well.

I call it "Elderly Japanese Mentor", and as far as I can tell it is a completely original story idea.