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Any Word on This Site ?

I’ve stumbled upon this web site,

which seems to review some diet pills, included HOT-ROX… I’m just interested in knowing whether or not anyone knows about this web site, or the phenterfein product ?

Not to hijack or promote the web site, I am just wondering if anyone knows if this guy knows what he is talking about. I have a hard time finding review about phenterfein.

Otherwise really sorry ! won’t do it again !

Looks like a commercial site to me where the guy ranks the products he makes the most money on highest and slams the products he doesn’t sell.

By the way, the Hot-Rox formula he reviewed hasn’t been made in a long time.

Yeah, I smelled something fishy when I couldn’t find reviews of their “star products” on other web sites…strangely the layout of the first product’s web site s fairly similar…

thanks for the input

the ingredient listing / reviews although is interesting… I learned more about them