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Any Women Training for a 3-Lift Meet?


Just wondering if anyone is training for an upcoming 3-lift meet.

I've been "off-line" for about a year, so I'm out of touch with everyone's logs and alot of you I do not know.

"Big isn't strong, strong is STRONG!"


Hay! I remember you! Whats that bench of yours looking like now?

Things have changed since you left. I don't think there are too many ladies posting in PW that are competing in PL at the moment. Cbear has been training for a meet.

Ouro, kpsnap and lil power are over in "Over 35". And there are some others that compete in PL, including myself, that keep training logs in the regular training log forum.


I remember you. Nice to see you back. I'm training for one the end of September but I keep mine in the old people's section; over 35.


Thanks ladies! Nice to see you both. I will definitely move over to the "over 35" section (thats where I belong now :wink: )

I'll track you both down, can't wait to catch back up. I started training heavy again about 8 weeks ago. I took almost 2 years off and did some crossfit training.

Buckeye girl, I've got my bench back up to 180. My deadlift is 290, my squats are still my weakest lift at 195. But I'm getting back into it.



Yep. I compete. Ouroboro and I live on the same ward: the Over 35s. Always interested in following other competitive powerlifters.


I'm competing in the national titles (australian) in just under two weeks! so nervous but so excited!


Yep, I moved over to the over 35 crowd too. I'm rehabbing a bicep tenedosis, but will be picking up the 1# weights in about 6 weeks....woo hoo!!!

Good to see another female powerlifter...your bench is not too shabby there girl ! Welcome (back).


What's your best ever raw bench? I'm sure you've posted it somewhere but I can't find it.

I'm curious because a crossfit thread in GAL has devolved into something about how it's not all that rare for women to bench 225 raw. I begged to differ. Someone was wondering who of the women on this site may bench that much. You were the first to come to mind as being anywhere near that or past that. I'm not sure who if anyone else here may qualify.


My best raw bench was 220# and it was shaky at best. I was weighing in low 160's at that time.


I thought it was in that range. Shaky or not, it's impressive.


really fucking impressive.


Hi Guys,

I have weign in tomorrow, hoping to come in under 123.

Im gunna open with a 198 squat, 114 bench and 286 deadie, I'm hoping to get a 308 DL on my final attempt, arrgh scary but exciting!

Hope you're all training hard!


Best of luck. I hope you let us all know how you made out.


Are those raw numbers? If so, egads you're strong! Good luck to you!


I am training to compete in Febuary, though my bench is only up to 150 right now. I am hoping for 165-170 by then.


Hey Ronda, that's really exciting. When did you decide to do it? Did Joe talk you into it? I think you'll have a blast.


I decided last month. WHen I started to see how 5,3,1 was going to work I could see where I could make some real gains.
Him and I had talked about me doing a meet in the past but now that I live here and I have been to a few to see him compete it seems more do-able.


yeah Ronda!

go get that bench.


Good luck!


Rhonda, are you in AL with Joe? Yes, you definitely should do a meet.