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Any Women on Testosterone Cypionate? What Has Your Experience Been?

I’m curious what the typical dose is and how quickly you noticed results. My wife who is taking .15 ml of 50mg/ml dose twice/week has notice her libido going nuts, but no noticeable muscle gain yet. She’s 6 weeks into the treatment so i’m just curious if women who are after muscle gain typically go up in dosage? Her goal for treatment was gaining lean muscle, not libido which was decent.

They also have her taking 15mg of DHEA daily, and a few other supplements probably not worth mentioning.

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May I ask why your wife is taking Test to begin with?

You might have better luck asking in Pharmo section of the forums and be sure to ask for a women’s input, you might get more response. Is it a PED? I am so clueless I don’t even know so if it is then best bet is to try pharmo forums instead.

I would suggest as well that if she is still curious to have your wife herself ask instead so she can be more up front and specific with her concerns.

A question coming directly from her might have more of a chance of another women wanting to help her out with her own experiences and therefore more accurate information, which I see you are trying to do for her by posting the question here–unfortunately this part of the site has less traffic then others and you might not get any info.

She has been working out for years and was unable to put on any muscle mass, just like me. Since i’m on TRT and have had great results, i had her get tested. I forget what her labs were, but as suspected, it was below the normal range for women. She’s nearly 3 months in now and starting to notice lean muscle for the first time in years. Not as quick as it was with me since i’m on a much different dose i’m sure.

I guess i was just curious if there are any other females on this, and what their experiences were. The mainstream lifters, i’ve read, may be on something different. Anavar or something similar. i’ve read it can have fewer side effects for women but this is a starting place. Her sex drive was initially kicked into high gear when the T started kicking in, but its since gone back to her normal low-medium drive.

Not sure if she needs a higher does or should just try the anavar. She’s with defy like i am. Not sure if they prescribe Anavar or if that’s something you have to buy blackmarket style.

Ok thanks. I’ll nag her to get on

Wow this is a great thread and just was I was curious about. So defy is treating her? This is all legit and legal? How old is she? Post menopause?

She’s 34. But had a free t level of .4 or something, total T was less than 4 i believe. It explains why after years of hitting the gym, she put on virtually no muscle. whatever she did put on, was quickly lost if she took a few week break from the gtm. I recognized the inability to put on and keep lean muscle mass in her because i had the same thing. She’s 4 months in and already seen muscle gains. She had some acne for the first few weeks that pissed her off, but its lessened and no longer enough to bother her. no crazy hair growth you read about at higher doses. she’s on .15 and .2ml alternating doses twice/week of 50mg/ml test cypionate