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Any Whiskey Men or Women?


Whiskey...it's what real men drink. Personally I'm a bourbon guy, and neat is the only way for me to go.

By far the best I've had is Pappy Van Winkle

Do yourself a favor and try it if you come across it on a menu. Or, if you're serious pick a bottle up, you won't be disappointed

The old fall back for me is Knob Creek.

Any other bourbon/scotch/whiskey guys around?


Yep. I like Tequila too, but a good smooth Kentucky Bourbon is like mother's milk.



Old Crow Bourbon Whiskey. Cheap and gets the job done.


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I do like to have whisk(e)y sometimes, but I'd rather drink a great craft beer any day.

I'm not experienced enough with it to have strong preferences. Knob creek is good. Templeton Rye is great ( http://www.templetonrye.com/ ), but it's not outside Iowa and Illinois yet.


I don't think I have had a whiskey where I just enjoyed sipping only whiskey.

I did have a toddy last night for my cold with whiskey and that was very good.

The whiskey was Jack Daniels


I'm a scotch drinker, but have been known to drink a whisk(e)y or two.

Another vote for Knob Creek here, good shit.
Jim Black is also good.


I love whiskey and scotch. Healthier than the other stuff too. And it makes me look cool. Like my cigars.

The best I've had was a Macallan 25.


Bye bye stomach lining.


I like Scotch!

I picked up some Glenfiddich 12 through duty free and it was very good.

I just tried a cheaper blended scotch called White Heather which is really quite nice as well.


Ah yes Knob Creek. Good stuff but the rest of Booker Noe's Small Batch Collection is even better. Baker's, Booker's and Basil Hayden. Booker's is usually around 125 proof but smoother than Single Barrel Jack.


FIghting Cock 101 proof.

$19 a fifth, and unbelievable flavor for a bottle of that price. Try it...


Love all whiskey!!

Usually bourbon when out for the night, but at home I usually like scotch. Favorites are Oban, Talisker, Johnny Blue is amazing, William grants is the best cheap stuff you can find. Irish is always good too, Jameson of course, 18 year Jameson is breathtaking, Bushmills is alright.


A few years back I decided to throw a scotch-tasting party since I knew absolutely nothing about it. The deal was, everyone had to bring a bottle of single malt, and call me up to make the one they were getting wasn't already on the list of ones others were bringing. We ended up with about a dozen kinds, and tried them with ice, with water, and neat. That was a really cool night! Everyone thought it was a great idea.

My favorite was Lismore- surprising since it was one of the least expensive. I've never been able to find it in any liquor store aside from that one near my old house in Augusta, GA unfortunately.


Great whiskey:

Suntori Yamazaki 18
Whyte & McKay (it's a blended Scotch and only found in UK, so maybe our UK brethren can ship a bottle stateside)

I just got a bottle of Woodford Reserve. I used to always drink scotch and bourbon neat, but lately I'll throw in a couple cubes. I prefer it that way, much sweeter and you get to some interesting notes...

Tequila is my thing, though.


If I actually drink hard liquor, it's probably going to end up being whiskey. I don't care what it is, as long as it tastes better than Kessler's.


Woodford Reserve. Kinda pricey, but it's all I drink.

Knob Creek is pretty, but Woodford is better.

Wild Turkey single barrel is also pretty good, although it has sort of a hazelnut hint to it.


Another for Knob Creek and Woodford. It depends on the day as to which I say is better.

For the price, Evan Williams is great and is my preferred bourbon for mixing.


I like this list quit a bit. I am big Woodford Reserve guy. I like the single barrel Wild Turkey as well and for a shooter I drink Wild Turkey's Rye.

On the Scotch side...at a bar I drink Jonny Walker Black, just seems like every bar carries it now. Three of my grandparents were from Cambleton, Scotland before they moved to the states. We drink a lot of Springbank 15yo.


Almost exclusively drank only whisk(e)y and its derivatives. Johnny Walker green label was a good buy. Before I quit drinking, I made due with red label, any Jim Beam, any Jack Daniels, any Southern Comfort. Always sipping from a steel flask, concealed within a coat pocket too.