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Any Weed Or None Weed Smokers


lol since there was a thread about non-drinkers..how many here have tried weed, still do, or quit..and all that jazz?



I did a while ago in high school and just out of high school.

I haven't really had the oportunuities since, nor have I really wanted them.

I never really enjoyed weed. It was okay, but nothing special to me.

I did like X the one time I tried it though.


Been there, done that, loved it, had to quit for job and other adult responsibilites.

(miss it though)


Used to do that before responsibility caught up with me. Miss the relaxation, but not the unmotivated frame of mind, the laziness, the haziness, the stupidity of being really fucked up. I wonder how that would work out: PWO bong hits with a nice steak & eggs dinner, a big salad, and tons of water. I couldn't imagine the damage I would do to several bottles of Grow! if I had a pot habit. I'd be the fattest motherfucker in the state!!


Did it all the time in high school,but it just makes paraniod as fuck now.


Weed's good. I ate so much I almost puked hah.

Not something I do often, maybe once a year... beats the HELL out of drinking personally


I'm an occasional smoker.. Love to get stupid and eat a whole bunch sometimes.. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah so basically hahaha..I've never done weed. I've gotten drunk quite a bit..but like..weed just seems so much more effective..im still in high school (gr.11)..cause like..weed..its fast to smoke it..drinking takes some time (more than smoking)..drinking..perhaps hangover, lose some muscle, feel like shit upon waking up...if i try weed, it wont have that same catabolic effect like alcohol..and you can still haev a good time with it and all..of coruse i might not even like weed if i try it? lol...but its worth a shot i guess...

THE ONLY THING IS..i've never done it and im 16..so thats quite a deciison since i ahvent done it for so long..and when people ask me have i ever tried it i say no..and they are like..o really, thats sweet..so then i dont feel like doing it because i've hung in there and not done it for so long...but then again..i think..who really gives a fuck? lol


No, don't hit the weed. Focus on your education, more importantly your writing skills. God knows you will need them.


Totally agree on the high school thing - that was high school. The X is a differnt story; its wonderful, I'd advise against it just because you don't know what its cut with. Will say, however, an experience that all should enjoy ONCE.


Thats a tough question.

It's hard to recomend it to an adolescent, but then again, it's also difficult to recomend that someone should not make a personal decision.

What have you taken in to consideration as far as pros and cons of using vs. not using thus far?
That would be:

Pros of using,
Cons of using,

Pros of not using,
Cons of not using.

Consider these and draw your own conclusion.


It rears its ugly head once again--the woeful lack of peer pressure in schools today.

"Why, back when I was a youngster, we had more peer pressure than we knew what to do with," remarks Joe "Smitty" Smith. "These days, kids have to get on the dad-blamed Internet and beg to find any. It's a crime, I tell you."

And so is possession of marijuana, where I live. Not that something so mundane should sway your decision . . .


Does the thought that you might be funding organized crime ever cross your mind?


This is your brain on drugs...

Nancy Reagan...

I put my fist in my mouth because my friends told me to...

Live Above the Influence...


My advice if you don't want to do it just don't do it. Who cares what others think. Yea I am totally gonna sound like a mom but I speak from experience. Get your education concentrate on that and when you get to college and feel you have responsibility to control yourself then well you can make a more educated decision then. Just remember nothing makes you feel higher than being smarter & more accomplished down the road in life. Yea enjoying things and trying things is one thing it's another to take things to another level. So just make sure you have the control when and if you do try something.

Weed was never my cup of tea. Made me sleepy and holy hell I could eat a lot! OMG.... oh and sleep like a freaking rock for days. I even felt like a zombie for a couple of days afterwards. Blahhhh I hated that feeling. Just my opinion all of this of course.


Somebodys been watching too many anti-drug commercials..

Did you know that buying toilet paper funds terrorism?

To that other guy: try it once. If you don't like it, at least you know.


i can say that i have been smoking weed for the past 5 years (im 19) and for prolly the past 2 years its been more of a daily thing. ifind that when i smoke before goin to work out i need to do some cardio to get me goin and to really make sure to drink alot of water so that i dotn get too dehydrated.

i dunno about u americans but im from montreal n this city really is the weed capital of the world, u can get any kind for pretty cheap (10$/g or 25$/ 3.5) (m39 is the shitiest here but is prolly the best ull find in NY,,, jak hare northern, appollo,, etc)...
so yeah training and smoking weed regularly is possible,,, i have been doin it since i started working out,, im 6ft n i wieghed 230,, i went down to a skinny 155 now im up to liek 175 n i train 6 days a wk!


Here's something to think about: anyone who sells weed on an organised level is by definition involved in organised crime.

Why go with one or the other? Combine the two.


Um, what?


Not until college. Those nights where everyone piles into one room, tapes the door edges, lays the towel at the door's foot, and if you had them.. leave orange peels on the floor. Supposedly, it helps to hide the odor.