Any weak points in my physique that need improvement? I’m 17M/68kg/6’0”

For context I’ve been training for 18 months I’ve gone from 50kg mid last year to my current weight.

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Well, first and foremost we really can’t see much of your physique. No back, or legs. So we have no idea what they look like. What little I could see, looks like you really need to work on your posture.

I think you have a good start. Nothing a few years and a TONS of food and training won’t fix.


This is good advice. I would say let’s bulk you slowly. What’s your nutrition look like…? Do you log your food?


That posture :eyes: I would address that asap before worrying about the finer details. You’re in for alot of shoulder and neck issues if you don’t.

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Good work. Keep eating…you might be a hard gainer. Low reps, heavy weights, don’t do the bro split unless you’re doing “enhanced” training. Work each body part twice a week. I recommend push days, pull days, and mix in a little cardio or as least as much as you can stand.

Get sleep to keep the recovery going and cortisol level lower.

Don’t forget the 5g creatine/day and about 1ounch of protein per lb of body weight. (Sorry I didn’t do the conversion). Keep going and remember the only easy day was yesterday.

Make sure you have enough (more) protein in your diet! You look fitter than most males today. Keep up the work!

Eat more food.

The good news is that you are young.

“Any weak points in my physique.”
The bad news is you need much more muscle everywhere before we can assess weak points. Right now you don’t have any strong points.

Give it another year of hard work getting more muscle, but don’t just get bigger with no regard to fat.

Out of curiosity, how many pullups can you do?

Working on that will do👍

Will do I’m currently trying to increase my protein intake it’s just expensive lol

Thanks bro much appreciated I’m trying to gain more muscle and I’ll give it another year or so of training before I reassess. And since the last time I checked I think I can do like 30 pull ups I think my pr is 32 but I’m pretty light lol

Yeah I’ve been logging caloric intake and my macros I’m just not very good at gaining weight in currently eating in a 1000 calorie surplus from my maintenance but I still struggle to gain much weight.

Will do bro don’t stress about the conversation lol it’s all good I’m gonna up my protein and calories to see if I get any improvement.

Thanks for the advice since you’ve posted your comment I’ve worked on my posture a lot and I’ve seen some decent improvement.

Keep doing 3 sets of 20 pullups at least once a week as you gain weight. Make sure you are getting a full stretch at the bottom. Your muscles grow the most when they get more stretch.

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