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Any Way to Control Hating Everybody While on Tren?

I’ve ran tren before and didn’t have this issue but for some reason this time, i just have this aggression or anger toward people. It’s moreso at my job than it is anywhere else but it still tends to happen outside of work. I’ve got benzos but they don’t help much. The only time I feel good is in the gym working out and jamming my music! I’m doing 250 test e and 200mg tren e a week split into 2 pins. Any ideas of a way to reduce this feeling? Or just ride it out? Thanks in advance for any help you all can offer.

Answer is unanimous, ride it out! Lol

When you feel irritated remind your self it’s the Tren and tell your self to chill out.

Tren does seem to make even the calmest people into douchebags. If you’re not planning to compete, stay off it.


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I guess no, other than wait lol.

I didn’t really hate anyone on Tren, but I do get triggered and annoyed much faster, and would ramble on much longer if I get into a discussion.

Oh yeh the Gym+Music is definetely beast mode, but outside the gym you gotta keep reminding yourself you’re on tren, before you say something stupid or react to something emotionally.

I would never get angry on Tren, dbol gave me more rage. I would become a bit of a dickhead though, not really caring ab peoples feelings

See I’m the total opposite. Dbol gives me a sense of well being and just overall happiness. Full of energy etc. Tren on the other hand, at least this time, is causing me to feel angry at the least little things. There’s literally people at work I got along with fairly well for the most part and now I just flat out can’t stand the mfers. I don’t react to the way I feel. I hold it in but it’s def difficult at times. I didn’t really get that issue the last time I ran it and that cycle was bigger. The difference with that cycle vs this one is the last one, test was a good bit higher than what I’m running now. Not sure if that helped the way I felt or not…

Dbol turned me into a sleepy, irritable potato face

Damn that sucks. I like dbol a lot but I’m going for a less bloated look this go around. Maybe it was your dosage that caused you to feel that way, no? I usually stay around 25 to 30mg when I run dbol with no issue.

I was at 20mg

I don’t believe hepatotoxicity mediated any of the negative effects garnered. I believe neurologically, the drug just didn’t mix with me

I have 14 tablets left from my last run… I initially had… 60-70 tablets… tried it once for slightly over week, again for slightly over two weeks

I’m going to use them for 7 days… will almost certainly feel like shit

Well, hopefully you wont feel too terrible this time and can make decent gain off it. Good luck man!

Maybe if you succumb to the urge to blow up on someone, they’ll punch you in the mouth or you’ll get fired. Either off those should hopefully be a good deterrent into the future for acting like a dickhead, tren or not.

If he gets punched in the mouth absent of serious physical provocation (in the workplace) then the individual who resorted to physical violence is looking at a fat lawsuit

Big_boy_today: I clearly stated I hold my aggression in and don’t act on it. Not sure how your comment is relevant… Actually, your comment doesn’t make much sense as I wouldn’t be the person getting fired if someone chose to “punch me in the mouth” as you stated.

Until someone really pisses you off bad and you snap xD

Jk, but happened to me once, had an altercation with some dude in a car while I was with my girlfriend, he almost ran up against us few inches short, suddenly I whited out and damn snapped, went full insane mode close to him at his window and spit on his car.

Literally I felt like a psycho afterwards lmao, powerful stuff, I really can’t go high on Tren or I become a different animal.

I mean… if you’ve had a reaction like this tren should be off the cards entirely… seriously

I typically condone the notion of AAS decriminalisation on the basis of “the user isn’t a threat to civilised society”… but if you’re “whiting out” from rage on tren (the compound most notorious for inducing aggression), it’s only logical to stay away. What you’ve described is profoundly antisocial behaviour that won’t be tolerated anywhere within a developed, first world society.

I feel like I must ask… Given you’re purported experience with recreational drugs (you didn’t state whether you use them on or off cycle), were you under the influence of anything at the time?


Meditate for 5 minutes everyday if youre feeling this kind of rage. Ride it out and dont touch tren ever again.


No, i never used drugs when on cycle.

Also that happened only once though, i mean the guy literally almost hit us with his car, and then proceeded to talk shit, of course i would have been angry even if i was not on gear, i mean my girlfriend was almost smashed like a potato if a few inches closer, i might have been able to let it slide and walk on with just a few curse words normally, but that time i just flipped, also that time i was on like 100MG of ace eod preparing for a shoot, still not knowing that time that ED would’ve been better too, it was stricly only that time i was on serious recomp with limited time, but never again.

After that I have never done that dosage again, 200mg week is max for me

Regarding drugs,drugs actually drugs do the opposite for me, make me super chill and mellow, never even get mad, never ever got into a fight on like mdma or something.

I myself am a very chill person, i never let stress get to me or get into fights, that only as far as i can remeber happened to me if i was on tren dosage too high, im not myself.

Ahhh, you left out this variable… fair enough. However the notion of “whiting our” hints at inherent instability on the drug, it’s the literal definition of “roid rage” the media wrongfully goes hysterical about.

Has anyone ever gotten into a fight on this? It’s dramatically different than booze, and dare I say safer if dosed low and you know for sure it’s MDMA. I’ve never used this but I’ve been around others on it dozens and dozens of times. Aside from when contaminated with meth (happens here), everyone appears so calm (deameanour, not actions… they’ll be dancing for hours), affectionate, loving and friendly… it’s almost as if it forces social interaction, even within those initially riddled with anxiety or introverted.

Do you cycle/PCT or blast/cruise? Whats an example of a cruise you’d be on if you do B/C… how heavy are you’re cycles (generally)… 200mg tren is generally considered a conservative (conservative is GOOD within this game) dosage, so I’m wondering whether you tend to dose low with all compounds or just trenbolone.

Not if they are defending themselves from his aggressions (i.e. screaming, entering personal space, threatening, etc.)