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Any Way to Avoid Bloating with MK677 if Taken Just for Joints?/BCP157 question

I have ostraine on hand, but I’m a little hesitant to take it, because of having to use PCT and SERMS always seem to give me terrible headaches, even at low doses. I’ve never cycled, but have tried SERM OTC products and tried Clomid once(12mg) for a test boost and got the worst headaches of my life. Anyway, I’ve had GERD surgery so I’d like to avoid bloating. MK677, seems like it would be the way to go besides BCP-157. I rather not use needles though.

Currently bpc has a oral bioavailability just more effective if injected.

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Are the appetitie sides as bad as they say on MK? Like the sound of an oral GH secretagogue, but that side scares me. Im already perma-hungry

Bpc is a healing peptide, not a secretagogue. You tbhas a bunch of stuff it does but increasing pulse timing or strength/duration is not one of them.

Sorry Im asking about MK not Bpc

In my experience the hunger subsides after a few days.

It’s the massive amount of water retention that puts me off.

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Hmm maybe ill pass there too then ha

Yeah, one of the reasons I was looking at MK677 over BCP was it’s easier to get MK from the UK as a supplement. All peptide sources seem to be junk, or take bitcoin which I have no idea how to handle all that stuff. Should I just suck it up and take the Ostarine at this point and run the Clomid super low(5mg) ED for 4 weeks? How long does it take for Clomid to get out of your system for a reliable blood test? My wrist has been killing me and I’m getting desperate to not just take the Ostarine. The Ostarine pills I have are dosed at 10mg. Maybe I can take them every other day to minimize suppression? My insurance will only cover blood work every six months.

With BCP, do I need actual needle syringes to add the water to the vial, or can I just pop the top off and use a needle-less syringe if I plan on using it orally? Is it sensitive to open air at all? Decided against MK677 all together after I had some L-theanine over the weekend and it bloated me to the point where my GERD surgery is and the pain is still going away. So, I am now 100% against anything that even COULD cause bloating.

Definitely use a syringe, keep it sterile. L theanine, bloated you?

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Yeah, I don’t know why. I’ve used L-theanine in the past with no problem, but it was another brand and I think another version of L-theanine.