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Any Vital Supplements?

Vital may be a stretch but, are there any supplements you all feel are hard to get adequate amounts of? Perhaps:

Omega 3

Vitamin K

Vitamin D


Does this stuff actually work?

I’m confused by your question.

Glucosamine is advertised to help with joint health/ relieve pain

Have you noticed a difference taking it

Are you asking why I consider it to be a vital supplement?

Can you clear my interpretation problem? Are you asking if there are any nutrients that you cannot get adequate amounts of out of food only? That is, need supplementation.

Sure, let’s go with that

BTW, I’m not doubting that it is. Just don’t know much about it except that mum takes it for joint pain

It helps with joint pain.

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I wonder why you mention vitamin K.
K1 or K2?

Magnesium has been an absolute game changer for me. Helps w/ sleep and cramps

Vitamin D- I’m out in Florida sun for at least 2hr/day, eat loads of fatty fish, take 4000IU/day and my blood tests still put me at the low end.

5-htp- more personal, but helps with anxiety (might be placebo though)

Will try glucosamine- tired of knees being pissed all the time

Citrulline malate

This is a band aid.

Is collagen better than glucosamine? I would think so. Even better to combine the two against joint pain.

Both, whether it is hard to come by naturally or it requires too much variety in one’s diet.

K2 but, could be 1 or 3.

Isn’t vitamin K3 artificially made; not available naturally? Why would normal people need that vitamin.

IMO, most people on a balanced diet would get sufficient K1 and K2.

Only if supplemented alongside with a dosage of vitamin C (which could he as simple as an orange).

Collagen supplementation is valuable because it provides the body with a high amount of proline. However, proline requires vitamin C to be synthesised to form collagen structures within the body. Hence, without Vit C, collagen supps are pretty much useless

Even though I find it hard to believe anyone in the modern western world would suffer from scurvy - I did indeed mix my collagen with fresh orange juice, without knowing.

Is there a difference between simultaneous intake of collagen with vitamin C - and having more than enough vitamin C in the diet with the collagen taken with water separately? I would be surprised if our bodies cared.

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I do believe supplementing collagen alongside vitamin C is important. Of the studies investigating collagen supplementation, the ones whose subjects consumed vitamin c with the supplement reported positive outcomes.

For this reason, Dr Keith Baar, who conducted a lot of this research, recommends consuming vitamin C with collagen

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