Any veterinarians out there?

Hey, are there any veterinarians out there? I need some help. My dog has been diagnosed with a mast cell tumor and the literature on this subject is all over the board.

I’m not a vet (as you know, TC), I just wanted to say that I’m sorry to hear about your dog.

Take a look at the Yahoo boards, there are some excellent lists on animal health. They have done wonders for my pets. Sorry to hear about this, I hope Toomey is ok!!

TC- Sorry to hear about your dog and our mascot. I know you’re not really big on homeopathy, but I just wanted you to know that some homeopathic meds might help. You should want to look at Carsinosin. You have nothing to lose (you can use it along with conventional meds), it certainly won’t hurt your dog, and it’ll probably only cost you 10 bucks. You can check out the boards at if you wanted to speak with a vet about this sort of thing. Hope everything goes well, TC!

blush oops… I’ve just been alerted to my … um … ‘typo’. Sorry about that.

Anyway, do you have any more info on his condition?

Hey everybody, thanks for your support. And Hahnneman, I don’t necessarily have anything against homeopathic stuff in that “homeopathic” often encompasses the use of some pretty interesting herbs. I’ll check out your suggestion.

As far as T-dog, this is one of those weird situations where you find yourself having to trust the opinion of some lab tech in some unknown office who you've never met. I'm essentially forced to take his word that the cytology sample showed malignant mast cells.

Unfortunately, given the location of the tumor (the scrotal sack), it looks like I'll have to have him neutered. If it saves his life, fine. But, as editor of a magazine called Testosterone, it's definitely not an easy thing for me to do.

Hopefully, that'll take care of the problem for good, as long as it hasn't spread.

TC, very sorry to hear about Toney. When I first read your post yesterday I felt sick to my stomach. I just went through a cancer scare a couple months back with my pittie. (the real Magnus)He had a malignant tumor removed from his leg and fortunately it does not appear to have spread. While pitties and staffie’s are very hardy dogs who usually live long lives, the one thing they are prone to is cancer. It usually strikes them at a young age, but if you beat it rarely resurfaces. In my experience with pitties/staffie’s, they either live to 15 yrs. or better or die young of cancer. The good news for Toney is that denutting him won’t change his personality one bit. Magnus was fixed at six months and he’s 70lbs of granite and attitude. I’m not a christian, but I will pray to the canine gods for Toney’s quick and safe recovery. I could’nt imagine losing one of my dogs, especially Magnus who is the best friend I’ve ever known. TC, best wishes for you and your little T-dawg…magnus(Brett)

TC- Hopefully, it hasn’t spread. If it has, you might want to look at something called Iscador, an herbal misteltoe preparation that you inject. Keep us updated as to your dog’s condition. Hope everything goes well!

TC, if you’re thinking of turning your dog into a vegetarian, I know someone who’s done it with her dogs. Here’s her website.

There are some things here that we may not agree on, but if your dog has to go vegetarian, I think this is the best source you can read.

Whoa crap! I totally goofed. I thought you said vegetarian, not veterinarian. My bad!

I am a veterinary medicine student.

Yeah, tumor excision gives the best chance for a good prognosis.Removal of both testicles is recommended. Although removal of testicles is best choice, mast cell tumor may respond to chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The surgeon should also make a biopsy of regional lymph nodes (to check for methastasis).

BTW.Normal serum levels of testosterone in dog is 0.4-10 ng/ml. Your veterinarian could give him a testosterone cypionate if you ask him/her.

Good luck to your dog.

Thanks for the encouraging words, Magnus! Good to hear that your boy is doing so well!

And Draz, any chance you could email me personally so we could continue this discussion?

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