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Any VB.Net Developers?


If there are any VB.Net developers, preferably ones who still use the language (2010), would you be able to answer a question for me?

I'm having a problem with using the mouse wheel to scroll vertically in an MDI Parent. I know that I have to set up a sub procedure that handles the mousewheel event, but I haven't been able to find any solutions online past that point. Anything that I've found has been for older versions, such as 2005.

Thank you in advance if anyone is able to help me out!


My only advice is to try stackoverflow or some other programming-centric website instead of T-Nation.


Hahaha... yeah. I knew that someone would think "wtf is this doing on T-Nation?" I just figured I'd try because I've seen people post math, accounting, and other questions on here that got answered in-depth. I guess those are more common subjects, though.


Yeah, i was just looking around SO and they have a VB.net section.

I find a lot of useful information on that site when programming.