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Any UK Members Watch the Brits?


Any UK members watch the Brits ? Or anyone with a setup that'll access it ?

K T Tunstall must have bought David Lee Roth's old strides on ebay.


Nah mate missed it.

Heard Prince was on it though.

You a fan of Top Gear by any chance?


I wondered that myself since he changed his name...but where are the white racing overalls and the matching helmet?
BTW...last weeks ski-jump with a snow mobile was pretty fun to watch.


I changed it from Victor Lustig to Le Stig, Le Stig sorta sounds like Lustig. I then thought people might think I'm French or tryna be like The Stig. Its just a stupid made up name. Did not like being called Victor, especially as Victor Lustig was a conman.


Madonna had gravity defying boobs.