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Any U.S. Marshals?


I am active duty Navy, but am considering getting out in a couple years to go US Marshal. If there are any Marshals on here who wouldn't mind discussing their work/life/training with me, please PM me.


They pay well and don't do shit.


I may be wrong but I don't think they are considered 1811's. The federal government classification for agents with the Secret Service, FBI, ATF etc. So they don't get the same pay and Law Enforcement Availability Pay as the Service, FBI, ATF.

Also, I think most Marshals are just glorified babysitters for criminals, shuttling them to and from court. I could be wrong but I think only a select few are part of the task forces that go around kicking in doors looking for people. Again, I could be wrong so you may want to check into all of this.


You are right 74, like I mentioned they really don't do shit. Babysitting is the best way to describe them.


what are you talking about? tommy lee jones did end up catching wesley snipes...eventually.


I looked it up for you.


Thanks for the information. I stand somewhat corrected. The Marshals are not 1811's right off the bat, it takes them about 5 years to reach the 1811 status with LEAP. Not sure what the basic 82 level pays but I would assume (again not sure) that it is less than the 1811 without LEAP and am sure it is less than the 1811 with LEAP. Also, the progression in 1811 is much quicker when you start there first. One year at 7,9,11,12 and then you progress through the 13s until you reach supervisory level in the 14s. The nice thing about starting 1811 is that in three years you are making very close to 100k. Also, as an 1811 out the door you have the ability to laterally transfer into other agencies. Nice thing about either is the government benefits, TSP, etc.

Hopefully you have a very clean background and college education as I know those are required with the other agencies. Enjoy the process.


I'm totally out of law enforcement and I may be giving you outdated advice but a few years ago the trick was to get on with any Federal agency that was actually hiring, back then it was Bereau of Prisons and the Border Patrol. Once you got the security clearance it was supposedly easier to move laterally, assuming you don't mind moving and going through different academies.

I took the FBI test and scored well enough but never got a call. I applied and 18 months later was offered a job with the Border Patrol. Some family issues caused me to decline that offer.

A few years later I applied for some openings with the Secret Service in Waco, guarding the Crawford Ranch. This was actually a lower pay grade than Special Agent, and I was going to have to go through a seperate process and academy for agent, and they said that process alone could take a year. The recruiting agent hinted that with my college and prior law enforcement I would probably get the job if I passed everything. A few weeks later I was accepted to law school and that was the end of that.

I think whatever direction you go with the Feds you are looking at long, multistep hiring processes, and several relocations. Hope this helps and I wish you luck.


I spoke to the Marshals a while back, andthey said something similar about lateral transfers. They asked if that was why I was looking at USMS, since apparently(at the time) a lot of people got in that way, then transferred over to DEA or whatever. They said to stay away from BOP since very few got accepted out of there.


Is it reccomended that you go to the marines, navy, etc. I am thinking of being a "cop" but the money is just enough to live. Would anyone recommend military then USM?


US Marshal won't accept you without a 4 yr degree, or 3yrs of supervisory/managerial experience-military fills that in spades, and(from what I understand) makes you more competitive.


I looked into U.S. Marshalls earlier this year through a counselor at Grand Valley that dealt with the Grand Rapids Bureau.... Rumor has it you have to go through their Co-Op process to become a Marshall which means you have to enroll in a university to be considered.

Fortunately once you're hired with Co-Op you are almost 100% guaranteed a job by the time you finish school. Not sure what it's like in other states though.

(The counselor also mentioned the lateral transfers were a bit harder to get than the Co-op)


Like being accepted to the special forces(navy seals)for example, and you have been in it for a while do you still have to go to college?


I am guessing you mean- have been in the military for a while, do you still have to go to college? No, your military experience will fulfill the requirement instead of a degree.


Were you in the Navy Seals. Im thinking of trying out for it. I heard of all the intense training they do. Like "Hell Week" were they only get 4 hours of sleep a week with intense training. I do not want it to comprehend with my orginal training.


The only marshal ive known just transported crminals from place place."babysat"