Any Types of Fasted Conditioning?

Hey all,

I’ve been doing incline speed walking every morning, fasted, as a way of getting my conditioning up. The thing is, it feels stupid as hell WALKING when I am a young male and technically should be active (although I am lifting later), not walking like an old person (I read on this site though that jogging was bad for you because it adds “training stress or whatever”)

I was wondering if there’s any bodyweight circuits, doing pullups and dips and stuff, I could incorporate instead of speed walking. That way, I can even build some muscle as well. Young guy so recovery is not an issue, I can just eat more.

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It’s really good for recovery, burning some calories, and building a small level of fitness. For walking to really improve conditioning, I personally believe it needs to be in the “hours” duration realm. It actually works very well there. Most people don’t have the time for that tho.

Never feel stupid as hell doing anything, my 2cents.

Walking is the most fundamental human movement. The fact that old people do it is a testament to how important it is - when all else breaks down, walking is one of the last remaining movements before we die. It’s efficient and gets the job done, without much stress. Love it.

IMHO that’s “malarky”. Jogging is awesome. Thing is, if you actually enjoy jogging, you should do it. If you don’t, do something else - or do it anyway.

One thing that cracks me up about the anti-jogging crowd, is that it reminds me of the “I don’t want to lift heavy because I don’t want to look like a professional bodybuilder” crowd. ie, the people who think working out slightly hard will turn them into the hulk: “i’m just trying to get toned bro, I don’t want to look like Arnold!”. Light relaxed jogging won’t do anything to turn you into a marathoner or destroy your recovery. It’ll improve your heart, lungs, strength, and help you burn some calories. Do it on grass/dirt etc for less impact, feels great. The faster you go, the more stressful it is. If it’s light and relaxed, it’s a beautiful thing.

If you are worried about “training stress”, bodyweight circuits will be far more stressful than some light jogging, I guarantee that. Those are fun too tho, mix it up.

The article lists some good stuff.

As for jogging/walking etc, if you don’t want to walk non-stop or jog non-stop, one of the best ways to mix it up is to just do jog/walk, sprint/walk, etc. Can even throw in some bodyweight stuff too, especially if you’re at a park with some calisthenics areas etc. One of the biggest misconceptions about “improving conditioning” is that you have to go hard every session - you don’t. Frequent light/relaxed sessions work wonders. Occasionally throwing in hard sessions is good. But you don’t actually have to “feel like you worked out hard” to actually gain in the conditioning department. It seems like magic but it isn’t → feeling like you worked out hard is a sign that you taxed the muscles significantly, that is usually way beyond the level needed to improve heart & lung function, which improve at much less intensity & especially at low intensities of longer duration.

Anyway, humans are crazy strong. Don’t let people/authors scare you out of doing stuff you enjoy.

Just my 2 cents.

peace man!


I do cardio to improve my aerobic capacity, and conditioning to improve my anaerobic capacity. Uphill walking does not fit into what I would classify as conditioning. It’s cardio. It’s also low impact, safe, and effective for LISS, and you should do it.

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1 pushup, 1 chin up, 1 burpee
Add a rep and repeat. See how high you can get in 20 mins.
You’re welcome and I’m sorry.