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Any Type 2 Diabetics Here?


I found out I have it at a fitness fair. I'm not overweight, 15 percent body fat, and have worked out my whole life. Unfortunately, I have a bad family history. All of them that have it are also thin.

I benched 315 and reciently just learned, thanks to the article on this site to powerclean. I got, an easy, 208 at 199 lbs and 280 blood sugar LOL... So I'm hopeing I can keep improving at lifting.

First visit to the doc was so so. Meds didn't take to well. I was still in the low to high 200s in morning/night, and around 150 daytime. Second visit he double my doseages. A1C was 9.2.


Just to clarify, I'm looking for advise or tips from anyone that has it. I'm totally new to it....


I'm a Type I diabetic but would be glad to offer any advice you might be interested in. Is there anything specific that you're curious about? Haha, as I'm sure you're finding out, diabetes is an enormous topic.

It sounds like you've usually worked out and have led a healthy lifestyle so that's a big plus. You're light years ahead of most Type 2 diabetics.

Some sound advice for any diabetic is to first locate a good endocrinologist that you feel comfortable with. Often times if you were diagnosed by your routine MD, he/she will recommend that you begin seeing an endocrinologist.


LOL..yeah, there appears to be a lot to learn. My biggest problem is my blood sugar is all over the place, and I seem not to be able to tell, w/o the meter, if it's semi-high, ok , or low. I can tell really high. Will I eventually be able to tell?

I've had minimal diet advice, at this point. Some of my worst numbers have been 3-4 hrs after pizza. Is pizza bad?

How low is too low? I was at 83 at the start of a wo, and consired, so drank some apple juice before I started. Ended with 132 so at least didn't go down....


The only way to get an accurate reading of your blood sugar is with a good glucose meter. I'm a real stickler for my glucose levels so test them on average 8-10 times a day.

It sounds like you need a better understanding of proper nutrition. Many of the principals of a good bodybuilding diet parallel a good diabetic diet.

Yes, pizza is a bad choice. It has lots of refined carbohydrates and fats, both of which can dramatically raise your blood sugar levels. I'd suggest to start reading up on some basics of proper nutrition. Good luck.


63 three year old type 2.
As much as I did not want to hear it, the Veteran's Administration Diabetic advisor(She is a type 1) kept telling me about other vet's who were doing the one hour a day aerobics & controlling their diet. Their was diabetes under control.

I changed my workouts to include an hour on the bicycle 5 & 6 nights a week. I check blood sugar upon waking, today it was 100, and my 30 day average is 117. I am still lifting light weights in a circuit fashion, or bi sets, tri sets and/or giant sets.

It is not the workout situation that I and my ego want, but the blood sugar is under controll. That is a lot better than worrying about loosing a foot or going blind.

If I can be of any help, just say so. Diabetic body builders have to work at this entirely different from the non diabetic folks. Not controlling diet and exercise is a route to going blind or learning to get along without a foot. Control our ego-s.



A good friend of mine is a 63 yo insulin-dependent type 2 diabetic (diagnosed a year or two ago). He was able to stabilize his blood sugar level and reduce his insulin intake by 50% by following a Paleolithic-type diet.


A good friend of mine is a 63 yo insulin-dependent type 2 diabetic (diagnosed a year or two ago). He was able to stabilize his blood sugar level and reduce his insulin intake by 50% by following a Paleolithic-type diet.


Typ II here. Diagnosed last year thru a physical. 38 years old 6' tall 192 lbs. worked out since 21 years old. Now, down to 165 lbs. Down to a 32" waist. Feel good and lucky for me, my wife is a Dietitian. Good luck and let me know if I can help.


Started feeling like crap a year ago, was ignoring the signs of diabetes. Me? 5'9", 180 pounds, BF of 15% Lifting for 20 years. Was diagnosed a month after my 48th birthday last August. Bad genetics, my mother's side is loaded with diabetics, including both of her parents. I went to a Paleo type diet, no bread, no pasta, lots of protein, little fruit, but good quanities of veggies and dropped to 162. I was never real strong, but was pushing 60 pound DB's in bench press.After the weight loss, that had dropped to 35. Back up to 60 pounds 2 weeks ago, doing 3, slow 20 second reps, still at 162. Hope this helps.


My blood sugars really jump up with pizza as well. I'm basically limited to two pieces and will have a big salad with that. Before I would eat half a box of pizza, I love the stuff. Also try to increase your fibre intake. Have your doctor do a full blood workup. Try to eat food that is unprocessed or in their natural state. For example: Orange instead of orange juice, whole wheat pasta instead of your standard pasta. Here are a few links to help you along:





Thanks everyone. I've been extremely busy, as I'm moving, so haven't been able to reply..

I'm doing quite a bit better. My highs at night and morning are usually around 150. Lows at mid-day around 100. Highest in the last few weeks was 186, a hour or so after 9 slices of pizza. Damn FREE pizza. Who could resist. Before this I'd taken down double that LOL....

I have got pretty low when loading the car with weights I'm taking to storage. Kind of like strongman training. I think it could work as well as endurance, as it keeps it low throughout the day. I had an all time low of 51 doing that, so I have to be careful.....


I was told by my doc that she suspected DMII when I was 300lbs. My BG level was always 250+. Injuries that didn't heal in over 2 years, constant thirst, fat gain on very low calories. Since I never showed up for the GCT, she called it metabolic syndrome.

When I learned to control my carbs all my symptoms went away and my BG stabilized at my new normal 65-85 almost all the time. It took a year and a half of meat and salad to get my body back on track but now I can have preworkout carbs, postworkout dextrose to spike before my protein, a postworkout meal that includes a sweet tater.

As long as I stay within the anabolic window with my carbs - my symptoms stay gone. After the window, it's back to meat, eggs, and salads though. I even have my cheat meal once or twice a week, but I make sure it's on my heaviest lifting days so my BG doesn't get out of whack again...so far so good. Best of all, no glucophage and no insulin shots.

I don't know if this info is helpful to you or not, but strict nutrition planning and precise carb control and planning is so helpful to me.


This is a great thread. My father, his father, his mother and grandparents are/were diabetics. It's been hardest on me with my father. He has been about 280 lbs and for a while and at age 60 told me over the phone he was having tingling in his hands in the afternoons. I asked him a few more questions and turns out he had poylphagia, polydipsia and polyuria. He was getting up 6 times a night to void. Told him to fast that night and get to his doc the next day for a BG. Was 280.

Now he's on meds, but is not really trying to lose weight or come off the meds. He has just accepted it. He's setting a great example of what I don't want to become. My main concern is that since there is such a strong genetic component, I really am determined to fight ever developing this. Changed my diet to mostly protien, about 70% prot, 15% carb/fat each. BG has always been normal. Age 36. Reading some posts here with guys who were strong, but still became DMII, concerns me. My hat's off to all of you.


I had a lot of the symptoms as well. Unfortunately, they are easy to tie to other things and since they happen over time, it's easy to not relize how bad they are.

I figured I was going to the RR a lot because of so many protein drinks. Excessive thirst I figured it was because I was dehydrated due to working out. I was really out of it mentally, a lot of the time. For me when I was over 200, it was almost like I had a few beers. I slept all the time. I just figure I was getting older and workouts were taking there tole.

Funny thing is a number of years ago, when I started having symptoms, I was in nursing school. A nurse gave me a urine test and said I didn't have it but see a doctor. Well....I discounted the seeing the doctor and put a LOT of faith in the test. Turns out, urine tests will only be positive if over 200. My faith in that test was a BAD BAD thing. Anyway, fast forward quite a few years and I'm at a fitness fair, not for a blood glucose but for a cholesterol. Well, the line at the cholesterol was REAL long and there was no line at the blood sugar. I figure what the heck, no line, WELL fasting level was 286...........Who knows if there would have been a line...

If you have any doubt get tested. The symptoms are hard to recongize. I actually had people ask me if I was diabetic one night after eating a gallon of ice cream and 1/2 a cake (free at work. free food is an issue with me:). I was weaving back and forth when standing and was completely out of it. BUT, I had that urine test to quickly say no.....


BTW the doc also said extra mucle mass makes it possible to tolerate a higher blood sugar. He said the amount of soda I typically drank dring a workout likely would have hospitalized me, as would the cake/icecream at work, if I didn't have some mucle mass. However, a fairly clean diet, except wo soda, likely kept me from seeking help earlier. If everynight would have been like that one at work, I like would have went in....


Thanks for the input mrcat. I test about every 3 months. Yesterday, random (non-fasting) BG was 79. I believe I will beat the genes on this, but it will require lifetime discipline. Thanks again.


A question for you guys with experience with blood sugar results. I have recently been testing my blood sugar like 15 times a day to see how I react to different foods, excercise, etc., because of a bout with pancreatis, and just out of general curiousity. To make a long story short my morning fasting level is usually 70-80. My high glycemic post workout carb meal (corn flakes with whey) gets it to about 120 and then it drops to about 60-70 within 3 hrs.

If I have a high carb meal any other time of the day it spikes pretty high like 150 and a couple occasions 198. Then it drops down to about 80 after 3-4 hours. Are these spikes and drops normal? I also notice I get very sleepy if I eat carbs any other time of the day other than my post workout meal. Like I've been hit with a tranquilizer dart. It's getting to be a pain in the ass felling like this unless I'm on low carbs all the time.


I'm not really qualified to answer. I had a hard time finding information on normal level, when I searched awhile back. The link below is the best I found.


I'd say yours seems fine, only I'm not sure about would be the high 190s spikes.