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Any Truth in the Fitness Industry?


I feel there is so much bullshit surrounding the fitness industry, yea there is alot of hardwork too but when it comes down too selling a product wether it be a supplement, a training program, a personal trainer service whatever! Pt's claiming to be natural giving there clients the option too look good or look even better by taking "xyz"!!

I try and keep myself to myself, go to the gym and train hard do my own thing! But when people get shredded by using zero carb diets but miraculously get massivly stronger and more muscular, and then claim it was all diet and hardwork with the help of a trainer, i think its wrong!


cool story bro?


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Let's just hope the OP doesnt find out about the cosmetic industry, or the car industry, or the toy industry, or the media, or the government, or the clothing industry, or the pharmaceutical industry, or the fast food industry, or the testing to see if your still reading industry, or the travel industry, or the movie industry, or the electronic industry, or the financial industry, or the medical supply industry. I mean if he thinks the fitness industry is being mean by trying to sell a product he is in for it.


God I miss this expression. I wish I could use it more, but alas now I'm a nasty civilian...


Industry ~ a department or branch of a craft, art, business, or manufacture; especially : for profit.


Some things never leave you. Yesterday I used "knife hands" to give driving directions.


There's bullshit everywhere yeah just gotta have the wings to stay above it


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I heard the other day DIs aren't allowed to use Knife Hands anymore, damn Mothers or America at it again.


It has gotten to the point that it is so old people hardly ever get it.

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What's next, they can't yell either?


Haha, I had to look up what knife hands meant. I'm glad I did.




Wow...The OP is getting a shitstorm from all sides for some reason. I'm not being sarcastic; I don't know what he said that was so bad.

I think that of course many of us know on this site that it's a given that articles about weight training and supplements by most all companies will use pictures of guys in physical condition much better than most people will hope to achieve.

I would have preferred people attack the OP's horrible misuse of English.


his post was the classic "I think people should be open about their illegal drug usage" retard spew


Oh...I don't take subtlety very well. I can be dense that way.